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Having an alarm system these days, in your home or in your business establishment, is more than just a necessity but an obligation. It is your obligation to yourself, your family, employees, and customers to have a sense of security and some peace of mind. A study from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology on seasoned offenders showed the correlation between the presence of security equipment and the reduction of burglary cases. About 60% of convicted burglars indicated that the presence of an alarm would cause them to abandon their target and seek out another one.

This goes to show that a trip to the alarm system store is absolutely indispensable especially when times are becoming increasingly more dangerous and burglars become more cunning. In this department, DSC security is one of the most trusted brands offering DIY security systems that you can custom-fit to your needs and specifications. And the good thing is that DSC alarm systems are like your other gadgets and devices that you can continuously improve with accessories such as wireless sensors and remotes to make it even more personalized. Here is a rundown of 9 DSC wireless sensors and remotes for a safer and more secure home.

DSC EV DW4975 Vanishing Wireless Door Window Transmitter

The doors and windows are the absolute favorite entry points of burglars. Give them a hard time by mounting a wireless transmitter that they don’t even know is there to begin with. This vanishing DSC transmitter is the perfect sensor to use with your DSC alarm because it is the thinnest one in the market. The slim profile includes a replaceable, long life coin cell lithium battery, and a powerful contact magnet that allows up to ¾-inch gap distance.

DSC EV DW4927 Wireless Shock Sensor with Door / Window Contact

Do you have glass windows? The DSC wireless shock sensor with built-in door/window contact is what you need. It is a sensor perfect for situations where glass break detectors are not recommended. As one of the best wireless security sensors, it can detect the shock from someone trying to break the glass or force entry, and also has a built-in reed switch and ships with a magnet that can detect openings and closings. It is compatible with all DSC 433MHz receivers.

DSC-WS4985 Wireless Flood Detector

At a time when weather conditions are becoming more extreme every day, every home can use a flood detector to help families prepare. More commonly, it can detect a water leak that can happen in almost any home and cause massive property damage unless it is detected and stopped quickly. This wireless flood detector is based on the WS4945 wireless door/window contact and is connected to a water probe through a wire with a fully supervised flood sensor that communicates loss of communication and low battery.

DSC-WT4901 2-Way Wireless Indoor Siren

Burglars want to operate in utter silence. But for victims, they want anyone in the home to know if someone is breaking in or there’s a life-threatening fire. This is where a siren comes in handy. The 2-way wireless indoor siren sounds for alarms, door chimes, and entry/exit delay and troubles. It transmits RF status and has a front and back tamper detection. It works with the DSC Alexor and Impassa Alarm Systems only.

DSC-WT4911B 2-Way Wireless Outdoor Siren With Blue Strobe and Temp Sensor

One of the best reasons to choose DSC alarm systems is the quality that allows users to add more features and capabilities to their system as they deem necessary. One such accessory is a 2-way wireless outdoor siren with blue strobe light that enhances the sounds of a siren with strobe lights to alert anyone within earshot or line of sight. In addition to increasing the chance of intruders getting busted, it also features a built-in temperature sensor that sends temperature readings to WT5500 keypads. This wireless device is compatible with DSC Alexor and Impassa Alarm Systems only.

DSC WS4916 Wireless Smoke Detector with built-in heat sensor

A reliable smoke and fire detector is a must for every home or establishment. This wireless smoke detector with built-in heat sensor is compatible with any DSC security system that has wireless capability and is perfect for homeowners who would rather not run wires. This smoke detector has a drift compensation capability, which means that it adjusts to maintain the original factory-set sensitivity despite dust accumulation through the years. This also means that potential for false alarms are reduced.

DSC-WS4913 Wireless CO Detector

Carbon monoxide poisoning might not be something you think will happen to you. You probably do not know of anyone who died from it. But the reality is that it is an actual threat and that it is responsible for 5,149 deaths from 1999 to 2010 in the United States alone.


In a highly industrialized environment, a CO detector is a must. The DSC wireless CO detector identifies the colorless, tasteless, odorless but deadly CO, which is essentially impossible to detect without a warning device. It is every home’s first line of defense against the silent threat of CO poisoning. It has a slim design with built-in alarm and LED indicators.

RE304 Wireless Driveway / Vehicle Sensor for DSC

Burglars look at all possible entry points when breaking into a house and they don’t neglect getting access from the driveway. The wireless driveway and vehicle sensor for DSC changes the impression for traditional driveway alarms as it does not require digging and excavating the driveway or front yard. To activate this wireless sensor, just go to your alarm panel’s zone enrollment mode and power up the RE304. Locate it close enough to the driveway. Generally, it can be mounted within 12 feet of the target vehicle and more than 24 feet from the street. The RE304 senses vehicles from a distance of up to 15 feet. When a vehicle passes by, the sensor transmits a signal to the control panel. It is immune to pets, wildlife, dust, and sunlight.

Optex BX80NR Outdoor PIR Perimeter Detector with the help of a WS4945

The perimeter is often neglected when putting up a security system. The defense usually starts from the front door when it should actually start from the perimeter to alert homeowners of the intruder’s presence from several feet away. 

A perimeter detector is the perfect support for surveillance cameras as they give homeowners time to mount a defense system or alert authorities. The battery-operated perimeter motion sensor does not require any wiring for power and can be hooked to a nearby WS4945 to transmit its signal wirelessly. It also blends nicely with the surroundings. In ensuring the security of your property and safety of your loved ones, don’t stop with just a video surveillance system. There are a lot of wireless sensors and detectors that you can add to the system to upgrade it and make it even more effective and reliable.

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