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If you have a Control 4 home automation system integrated with your DSC Neo alarm system and wish to have professional alarm monitoring service, be aware that providers with no experience with these systems may unknowingly break your home automation setup after activation if using a TL280LE to report to the monitoring center. has some experience with these and the settings that must be made on the data center side for the TL280LE and your Control 4 to keep functioning. We hope you will consider us for your alarm monitoring needs.

While we are not super familiar with the Control 4 system itself, we do have several customers that use it and have learned the ropes on how to make the necessary adjustments in the TL280 / C24 programming to make the two work together with alarm monitoring services. Read on for more..

dsc powerseries neo

Today we’ll be discussing using the DSC TL280LE with Control 4 home automation and alarm monitoring. Control 4 is a smart home automation system that allows users to automate daily operations in their homes using a combination of ZWave technology and other integration tools. Users can interconnect their home alarm systems, televisions, stereo systems, lighting, and much more using the Control 4 integration tools. Control 4 lets users use remotes to control settings and timing or, with the help of an Amazon Echo or Google Home, use their voice to command the devices in the home to respond. Tell your Amazon Echo to turn up the lights in the hallway if you come in with an arm load of groceries, lower the lighting in the living room by telling them to do so for a romantic evening with the spouse, or have it put on some music on your stereo and crank it up using just your voice.

By integrating your Control 4 system with your security system, such as the DSC Neo you get added benefits. Events can now be triggered based on arming or disarming the system.
For example, you can have your Control 4 system tell your lights in the living room or any outdoor lighting to turn on if your alarm system is disarmed or has been set into alarm state. You can also have your Control 4 disarm the system when a ZWave door lock is unlocked. There are many combinations of possible actions that can be performed using this setup and it all depends on what kind of devices you use and how extensive your smart home setup is.

Though the integration with the DSC Neo seems straight forward and generally goes off without a hitch, problems arise when you have a TL280LE and activate service for it via the data carrier, Connect 24.

For some reason, not having certain settings configured properly in the data center (Connect 24) when a TL280LE is being used with a Control 4 causes issues. Normally C24 is just passing alarm signaling to the alarm monitoring center central station, but lack of a few key settings in the integration server setup will cause the Control 4 system to cease to function.

Fortunately for you, we have been through the learning process about how to set up the Control 4 integration with the DSC NEO using the TL280LE. If you’re working with a dealer who is inexperienced in the set up; it will almost certainly break the integration between your Control 4 server and your DSC system. Worse yet, you and your provider may spend considerable time trying to figure out why.

To avoid this we hope you will consider as your alarm monitoring services provider. We’ve been working direct with DIY’ers since 1997 and offer great rates starting at only $8.95 a month for our UL certified alarm monitoring service and we do not have any long term contracts either!

Our central station partner monitors over 345,000 accounts in all 50 states and has been in business for over 55 years. The central station is fully redundant and has a 5 diamond rating by TMA. It really is a quality provider. I may be biased, but I do use the service on my own home and know first hand the quality and value of the service.

We’ve been offering the service direct to do it yourselfers since around 2000 and we have a great reputation for providing great service at great rates. Don’t take my word for it though. Do your own due diligence and Google “AlarmSystemStore reviews” We’ve been actively supporting the DIY crowd for over 20 years through wholesale prices direct, technical support and of course our free YouTube videos on various security systems. Check us out at Thanks!

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