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DSC WS4936 Wireless Photoelectric Smoke and Heat Detector


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DSC WS4936 Wireless Photoelectric Smoke and Heat Detector

 The DSC WS4936 Wireless Photoelectric Smoke and Heat Detector is an upgraded version of DSC's WS4916 Wireless Smoke & Heat Detector. The WS4936 works with all DSC panels that use the 433 mHz wireless frequency. It weighs in at 8.75 ounces. The unit is 5 inches in diameter and 2.5 tall. It is lightweight and takes up very little space. The WS4936 comes in an aesthetically pleasing white color making it suitable for most residential and commercial installations. To power this wireless smoke you'll need 3 AAA Energizer E92 or Duracell Procell PC2400 batteries. 

The WS4936 has a built-in local sounder so that when they are tripped by smoke or heat; they will alert those within the vicinity of the detector that there is a fire. This is helpful in case those within the proximity area of the detector happen to be asleep. Of course, if you have a siren on your system it will sound as well when these detectors are set off. 

As we mentioned before; these can be used with any of the DSC systems that use the 433 MHz wireless frequency. Currently, the only system we carry that these devices work with is the all wireless Qolsys IQ panel 4. You can also use these with the DSC PC1616, DSC PC1832, and DSC PC1864 alarm panels, as well as the DSC Touch and DSC Impassa systems. To use wireless with these DSC hardwired systems you'll have to add either a TR5164-433 transceiver, a RF5132-433 receiver, or a keypad that has a built-in receiver like the RFK5500.


DSC WS4936 Installation manual
DSC WS4936 Specifications sheet



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