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Home security has come of age. Gone are the days when locks and deadbolts were all we need to ensure our family’s safety and give us a good night’s sleep. Today, home security devices help in creating a smarter home so you can be worry-free wherever you are. And they do more than just secure our homes, but they also help us manage it.

A global leader in electronic security, DSC has been revolutionizing the security industry. Proof of this is their DSC alarm keypads, which are the perfect accessories for its security system units. They upgrade systems from form to function. It is just a matter of identifying your priorities as a homeowner. What is it that you want out of your alarm system? What do you need it to do or offer?

There are several important features of a DSC home security keypad that you can choose from, but most of them offer much-desired flexibility. Some homeowners want wireless convenience, while some prioritize remote access and control. The more forward-looking homeowners want security to go with home automation.

Whatever your priorities are, there is a DSC alarm keypad for you.

Touch screen convenience

In an era of smart phones and digital technology, everyone is obsessed with being able to make a command with just a touch of a hand or a swipe of a finger. Same goes with our home security system. Among the most popular alarm system accessories these days is a touch screen keypad, and DSC offers a wide range to choose from. There’s the DSC WTK5504 wireless touch screen keypad and another version with proximity reader, the DSC PTK5507S type which comes in silver, and the latest among them – the DSC PTK5507W color touch screen white keypad. Note that W and S are codes for the keypad’s color. Also, the wireless and proximity features are only available for select panels and configurations.

The color keypads are truly revolutionary—they feature an easy-to-use, customizable graphic interface home screen. Depending on the user’s needs, the installer can configure five of the graphical icons from over 10 options. It allows multiple viewing, which allows homeowners to monitor and control several areas of the house at once. The graphic icons are big enough for easier navigation.

As an added bonus, the PTK5507 has a built-in photo viewer where you can display one photo at a time or run your own slideshow.

Secure transmissions

secure transmissions
Photo courtesy of freephotocc via Pixabay

How would you like encrypted signal and communication? The DSC-WT5500 WTK5504 are two-way wireless keypads that use an encrypted signal that makes sure that communication is secure. They are designed to work with DSC’s two-way wireless transceivers such as the one built into the ALEXOR Wireless Panel. The WT5500 offers a user-friendly and accessible main interface to the system with it

Since the signal between these two devices are fully encrypted, unauthorized interruption or interception of the communication is monitored. The system immediately goes into alarm, alerting authorities, once tampered.

In addition to the two-way voice feature, this DSC wireless keypad also has a 2x16 in full message display, intuitive clock programming, multi-language support, 5 programmable function keys, 3 one-touch emergency keys, and tamper switch.

Programmable zones and sensors

programmable and sensors
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When shopping for home security supplies, you are most likely going to come across alarm zones. Each security system has a different number of zones, but just like most things, the rule is “the more, the merrier.”

Alarm zones are very important in setting up your system because they are essentially responsible in managing and controlling sensors. Zones are the different areas in your house where a sensor has been assigned such as the living room, front door and garage. This means that when a sensor is triggered, you know exactly which part of your house recorded an attack or emergency as the control panel displays the zone number on the screen.

There are several DSC security keypads that offer up to 64 programmable zones. But depending on how big or small your house is, you can go for 8 or 16 zone keypads, too.

Ease of use

One such example is the DSC RFK5501 64-zone fixed LCD keypads with built-in wireless receiver. Other versions include RFK5500, RFK5508, and RFK5516. These keypads feature five programmable keys for a one-button activation of system functions. There are tasks assigned to all these keys such as door chime, smoke detector reset or disarming. With a quick exit function, you don’t need to arm and disarm the system every time someone leaves the house.

All-in-one flexibility

all-in-one flexibility
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Some of DSC’s alarm systems are all-in-one and feature a built-in keypad such as the DSC Touch. Aside from interactive security features, the Touch also has home management capabilities. It employs Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Z-Wave technology that enable homeowners to control locks, lights, thermostat, and appliances around the house. It has a built-in camera, siren, and a two-way voice over. This all-in-one alarm panel also features a 7-inch touch screen with 800x480 resolution.

There are many ways on how home security accessories can help homeowners. It largely depends on what you want the system to do for you. From specific security features to all-in-one convenience, you can tailor-fit the system to your specific needs.

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