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Wired alarm systems are a great home security option, especially when you happen to have a house that is already pre-wired. Wired connections have an edge on resilience and reliability, thanks to their interference-resistant mode of transmission. However, since wired systems require physical connections to be set up, there may be locations in your home that cannot be wired but can be reached by wireless alarm systems. Fix these dead spots and go for a total alarm system for homeowners with all the bases covered. This guide will tell you how to upgrade your existing wired Honeywell alarm system to be wireless by adding wireless sensors. 

Select A Wireless Receiver

Talk about versatility: all wired systems have pretty much the same technology and can be easily integrated with a variety of wireless components and sensors, making upgrading easy for any homeowner going the DIY route. The first step to turn your Honeywell wired control panel into a wireless one is to install a wireless or radio frequency (RF) receiver, and there are two options to go about this — a wired keypad or a separate 5880 receiver. How many receivers you can add depends on what device you have and what you need. If you have a Honeywell VISTA-15P, VISTA-20P or VISTA-21iP, you can put in only one receiver, but if you have the VISTA-128BPT or similar commercial-use devices, you can add two.

Wired Keypad

It is highly recommended that you go for the first option, the wired keypad. Its price is almost the same — if not lower — with the separate receivers. But what makes this option give you your money’s worth, aside from its keypad function, is its 5800TM wireless transmitter module which allows you to add bi-directional devices such as a wireless siren. On the other hand, you will not get that bi-directional support with a separate receiver even if you use it with a 5800TM. One traditional choice is Honeywell 6150 Fixed English Security Keypad with its large and user-friendly emergency buttons, soft rubber keys that keep on lit at night for visibility, and compatibility with all VISTA devices. If you would like to take it up a notch, install the sleek newcomer to the Honeywell keypad family: the 6152 Keypad. This model is not only 20% smaller than the previous ones, but also adds the Vista Intelligent Programming or VIP for a more efficient installation and programming. With voice and integrated RF or a hardwired zone, this is a powerhouse in any DIYer’s arsenal. 

Separate Wireless Receivers

Decide on a receiver that will suit the number of wireless devices that you will use. A safe estimate is allotting one wireless zone per wireless device. With that, if you need something just enough to support a few wireless add-ons, go for the Honeywell 5881ENL, which provides for 8 wireless zones. More than that and you will have to pick either the 5881ENM with its 16 wireless zones support or the 5881ENH for unlimited zones. However, for the latter, check the number of wireless devices it can support depending on the panel that you have. The numbers range from the basic Vista 10-P’s 16 to the commercial-grade Vista-250BPT/E’s 249.

Wireless Add-Ons

Choose among Alarm System Store’s array of wireless devices that will make appropriate add-ons to suit your security system needs be it temperature sensors, fire and smoke detectors, and so on. A great addition for the upgrade of your wired alarm system, the wireless transmitters also work well with Honeywell’s Lynx Touch wireless series from the L3000 to L5200 and up to the latest L7000.

Ademco 5808W3 Wireless Photoelectric Heat/Smoke Sensor and Ademco 5800CO CO detector

According to Consumer Reports, an estimate of 2,500 people die each year in residential fires while around 500 are killed because of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. Also known as a “silent killer” because it is hard to detect, carbon monoxide is produced from fuel-burning appliances and generators in use. This is why it is crucial for every home to have smoke and CO sensors installed in each room and level, including the attic and basement. The smoke and CO alarms are two of Alarm System Store’s most popular items. Both devices come with built-in wireless receivers and are compatible with the 5800 wireless series. The smoke detector has smart and functional LEDs while the CO sensor sends signals indicating status such as trouble, tamper, low battery, and so on to the alarm panel, giving an early warning should the carbon monoxide in your home start reaching unsafe levels. 

Ademco 5800PIR-OD Wireless Outdoor Motion Detector

Perfect for securing outdoor spots that especially cannot be reached by wired connections, this outdoor motion sensor with a range of up to 40 feet will detect moving objects outside your home. To take full advantage of its protection, install these in strategic locations such as the walkways towards your front and back doors, driveways, patios, bushy areas in your backyard, and other outdoor spots that outsiders go through first before reaching your home. Utilize the adjustable sensors well for an efficient detection range that will not give off false alarms because of blown leaves, passing vehicles, and the like. 

Ademco 5800WAVE Wireless Siren

Prevent fire and intrusions with this fully wireless siren. This device provides alarms of 95db with a range of three feet, a rechargeable 12-hour battery back-up, and status signals such as low battery and AC loss, making it functional, reliable, and convenient. 

Make the most out of your current wired alarm system by upgrading it to wireless with your home security needs in mind. With something as crucial as home security system, it is important that you have a good grasp of what to purchase and install. Carefully follow the instructions on the manual and do not forget how to properly care for and maintain your devices for maximum mileage. For instance, CO detectors need to be replaced every five years while smoke detectors that you have had for a decade have to go. When in doubt, get in touch with Alarm System Store’s expert customer service representatives for convenience and thorough security for you and your family.

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