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Carbon monoxide (CO) is a silent killer. Exposure to this dangerous gas leads to a headache and even death in as fast as 10 minutes.

Data from the National Vital Statistics System show that in a span of five years (2010-2015), accidental carbon monoxide poisoning had killed 2,244 people in the US. That's a yearly average of 400 deaths. The number peaks in winter when people keep their windows closed and use heating systems.

CO can't be seen, smelled or tasted—but it can be prevented from creeping into your home. An early warning system like a carbon monoxide detector makes it easy to detect CO before it affects anyone.

As much as it's life-saving, an alarm such as a Honeywell wireless smoke and carbon monoxide detector that chirps non-stop could be bothersome. Don't ignore a chirping CO detector—stop it before it's too late.

Why does a Honeywell carbon monoxide detector keep on chirping?

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CO detectors produce certain sounds to alert you when carbon monoxide in your home has reached harmful levels. Depending on the model, a Honeywell carbon monoxide detector makes a beeping or chirping sound when it detects CO presence. It will stop only when the CO level drops or when you press the Test/Hush button.

Non-stop chirping may also be a warning about a problem with your Honeywell carbon monoxide detector. It may not be as life-threatening as when the alarm goes off due to the presence of carbon monoxide, but you have to act on it immediately because it means your CO detector may stop functioning soon. And when it stops working, the consequences can be serious.

A Honeywell wireless smoke and carbon monoxide detector may chirp consistently due to one of these three reasons:

  1. Low battery. One short chirp every minute means your CO detector is low on battery and will soon be completely dead.
  2. Electronics failure. Two or three short chirps every minute (depending on the Honeywell model) means the device isn't working properly.
  3. End of life. Once your Honeywell CO detector has reached the end of its service life, it will make a short chip once every minute or buzzer sound thrice every minute (depending on the model).

To accurately interpret the chirping sounds on your Honeywell carbon monoxide detector, check the user manual that came with the unit.

What to do when your Honeywell carbon monoxide detector is chirping nonstop

Is your chirping CO detector keeping you up all night? A chirping Honeywell carbon monoxide detector can be silenced for 24 hours. Just press the Test/Hush button once. Pressing that button twice will reset the 24-hour period.

However, your unit won't stop chirping until you've resolved the issue that's causing it. Here are three ways to stop a Honeywell CO detector from chirping. 

  1. Replace the carbon monoxide detector's battery

As soon as you start hearing your unit chirping, replace its battery with the same type. Ideally, the battery is changed every year. Battery replacement will reset your detector and make the chirping stop.

How to change the battery in a Honeywell wireless smoke and carbon monoxide detector:

  • Twist the device off the ceiling or wall counterclockwise. Use a firm grip to easily release the detector from its mount.
  • Open the battery panel door.
  • Remove the battery carefully from its housing, starting with the positive end.
  • Insert the new battery (make sure it's the same type as the old one), starting with the negative end.
  • Press the Test button to ensure that the new battery will work. Make sure it beeps.
  • Fit the CO detector into its mount and twist it clockwise until it's securely attached to the base. 

Some Honeywell units such as the H450EN are sealed, so their battery can't be replaced. In that case, dispose your unit properly and replace it with a new Honeywell CO detector.

  1. Replace the entire unit

Your carbon monoxide detector is due for a replacement if it's already faulty, usually indicated by two or three short chirps. Check your Honeywell user manual for instructions on what to do when your unit malfunctions.

How to install a new CO detector:

  • Draw a straight line to mark the spot where the unit will be installed.
  • Mark the spot where you will drill the hole. Drill the hole
  • Fit the rawl plug (that's provided with the unit) into the hole.
  • Screw in the screw into the plug to 3/4 of its length.
  • Mount the unit on the wall or ceiling.
  • Test the detector by pressing the Test button. The alarm will go off, and the Status light will turn green. 
  1. Dispose of the old or faulty CO detector

Most Honeywell carbon monoxide detectors are built to last for seven years. Other Honeywell models (such as the XC100 and XC100D) can last for 10 years. You'll find the expiration date of your CO detector at the bottom part of the front panel. Beyond the date, you can't use the detector anymore and must replace it as soon as possible (refer to "How to install a new CO detector" above for the installation steps).

What to do with the expired carbon monoxide detector? Don't discard it along with your household garbage. Because a CO detector is electronic waste, it must be disposed of properly according to local laws and regulations.

Honeywell carbon monoxide detector disposal:

You can return the old CO detector to the manufacturer for proper disposal. Honeywell accepts expired units that are sent back to them. Just include a note saying that the Honeywell carbon monoxide detector is for disposal and mail it to the address on the back of the unit.

A Honeywell alarm system component such as a wireless smoke and carbon monoxide detector gives you peace of mind knowing your family is protected from the risk of CO poisoning. If it starts chirping, fix the issue as early as possible so that your loved ones stay protected at home.


Mrs judith lynch

Model H450EN purchased 17/12/12. Bleeped intermittently for 3 weeks. Nothing will stop bleeps. How do I dispose of same.? Thank you

Janet Copeland

End of life beeping………
Eventually peeled back the label and found the off switch, but really! A clue would have been helpful!


There is usually a switch under the sticker on the back off the unit. Using a small screwdriver this can be pushed to the off position which will stop the beeping


looks like you can’t turn it of if it keeps beeping every hour need to smash it up and throw in the bin then obviously a shit company that can’t answer people’s main problem thanks for nothing buy your detector from another company


Same as above, in UK, end of life, cannot stop the chirping can someone PLEASE advise.


Off switch on back, under label.
Use youtube to see how to do, really easy.


Under the label on the back you will find a small black rectangular hole. Get a small screw driver and push it in and tilt the screw driver until your hear the unit squeal. It’s now off, you can just make out the word “off” in the hole.

Isobel Donson

My carbon monoxide detector is bleeping every minute and is at the end of its life. How do I stop the bleep?

patricia kattenhorn

My comment is the same as the above, I cannot stop it beeping, please tell me how so that unit can be returned

Anita Giles

My detector is beeping 4 times every 15 seconds, it is 13 years old, what does this mean…..

Robert Lumb

I purchased detector h450EN 4 years ago from British Gas. it cost £35. End of life for this
detector is april 2019, it is now chirping and probably needs replacing, I thought I would get
5 years protection, not so it seems, please advise,

A A Sugden

I need to replace my C M Detector H450EN please provide information
How do I stop it bleeping if returned in the post ? this type does not have a battery replacement opening
Ps can I buy on line ?



how do i stop it chirping ,it is at end of life and driving me mad , you cant switch the noise off ? this should be on your page, ,


Why does nobody answer this question? Yes we know its chirping because its at end of life. How do you stop it chirping in that case? No battery, still chirping.


My detector has expired. How do you stop it chirping? Can’t access the battery. It’s driving me crazy.


My carbon monoxide detector is well passed the use date of 2017. It keeps chirping even now I have put it outside in the garden in desperation!!
It’s battery is sealed off so I can’t change it – any idea?


My unit need replacing its a H450EN model. Do you think it will go though the postal system beeping ? it is the fault beep and I cannot turn it off….

tracey getty

my detector is bleeping because it needs to be replaced, how do i stop it bleeping?

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