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Did you know that only 15% of US households have a security system? Even with modern security vulnerabilities and an already wide range of options in the market, most households would still risk their home safety.

But you shouldn’t. When it comes to securing your family and prized possessions, you deserve only the best the market has to offer. Digital Security Controls (DSC), the world leader in electronic security, introduces the top-rated PowerSeries security system that offers the greatest possible flexibility and convenience. DSC understands its clients’ changing needs and market trends, using these as guides for its innovations.

The DSC Kit64-219SE Power 1864 Alarm System Kit is a premier alarm system package perfect for a large home with expansion room for up to 64 zones. Here are 9 compelling reasons why you should consider getting this alarm system kit today.

Reason #1: Alerts the Fire Department on Time

The DSC PowerSeries Control Panel PC1864 is not just capable as an intrusion alarm system. When smoke detectors are added, it detects smoke (a sign of a hostile fire), sends warning of a fire condition and transmits emergency information to a central station. None of your time is wasted calling for help. If you are home, you can focus on getting out safely. And even if you are not home, the system will still help to make sure that the fire department is called in a timely fashion. Minutes can make a huge difference in home fires. The PC1864 can also warn people when carbon monoxide (CO) is detected. CO is a highly-toxic, odorless, and colorless substance that moves freely in the air.

Reason #2: Comes with a Stylish and Easily-To-Use Keypad

Who says security devices and alarm systems accessories should look boring and clunky? DSC keypads, such as the RFK5564, have a sleek exterior that can blend well with your existing interior design. The modern, slim keypad exudes simplicity. DSC’s PC1864 security system is composed of a DSC control panel to be installed in a utility closet or in a basement or somewhere out of the way; one or more keypads and; several sensors and detectors. The DSC RFK5564 is an alphanumeric LCD keypad used to send commands and check current system status. It has full 32-character programmable labels and can display messages in different languages. It also features a built-in wireless receiver that allows you to add up to the full 64 zones of wireless devices.

Reason #3: Its Keypad Has Global Status Screen

The DSC RFK5564, which can go with your PC1864 alarm system, can be configured to show basic status for up to 8 partitions or areas. You simply need to assign each partition with a number and then each assigned number shows the current status (e.g. whether it’s armed, bypassed, etc.). This is a nice feature to have on a system where you might have multiple partitions.

Reason #4: Comes with a Wireless Zone Coverage

The PC1864 can cover up to 64 wireless zones, helping you secure every nook and cranny in your house. This is especially helpful in a finished home where there may be areas that it is not feasible to run wire to. Or even if you have pre-existing hardwired zones, but want to expand your system to be even more comprehensive. The DSC RFK5564 supports these programmable wireless zones and 16 wireless keys, giving you much needed flexibility.

Reason #5: No Sweat Configuration

One of the things that discourage people from using any type of gadget is the intricacies of setting it up. Easy-to-use alarm devices are hot commodities in the market today. Although DSC’s PC1864 was designed to be serviced or repaired by a professional installer, it includes a user-friendly panel where you can configure master functions such as auto-arming. It is far from impossible for an everyday DIYer to program their own system. If you’re still daunted by this task, but feel comfortable installing it yourself: find a company that can pre-program your system before they send it to you.

Reason #6: Call a Reliable Customer Support

No one wants to have nowhere to turn when help is urgently needed. When buying security alarms, choose a company that not only provides quality products but also has reliable customer support. Purchase from an alarm system store that has a hotline for installation and programming assistance and queries on shipping and returns. You may seek assistance via a toll-free number wherever in the world you may be.

Reason #7: Flexible Access Code Programming

DSC’s PC1864 alarm system kit allows you to configure up to 94 additional access codes aside from the Master Access Code. These codes are used to arm or disarm partitions in your home. Through the keypad, you’d know of trouble conditions such as when service is needed or if you lost AC power.

Reason #8: Reduce Instances of False Alarm

The ultimate purpose of a home security system is to ensure that you have peace of mind. The DSC PowerSeries Control Panel PC1864 Alarm System has false alarm reduction features such as Audible Exit Fault which notifies you of an improper exit. The Night Arming feature allows limited movement in a partition when the system is fully armed. No more waking up in the middle of the night just to find your pet cat setting off the alarm.

Reason #9: Maintain It with Minimum Effort

“How to make my alarm system at home more accessible?” you may ask. You have to choose the devices that you can set up and maintain easily. The only thing you need to do is the weekly system testing. The rest can be well taken care of by a professional installer. Your installer can also instruct you on the level of protection you have installed at home. The cost of property crimes, including residential burglaries, go beyond financial loss. According to US law enforcement agencies, a home is occupied in 15% of reported break-ins. The impact of a burglary can be traumatic to victims, causing high anxiety levels. In worst cases, crimes against persons occur in the event of burglaries.

A Rutgers University study concluded that home burglar alarms are effective in deterring property crimes. A security system makes a house less attractive to criminals and “protects the home without displacing burglaries to nearby homes.”

These facts are more than enough reasons to seek practical home security tips and acquire the right devices. If you’re looking to purchase quality alarm systems, deal only with the best anti-burglar alarm systems store.

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