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The convicted burglars have spoken. In a study conducted by the University of North California, 83% of offenders veer away from homes that have burglar alarms in place. So, it is not a surprise that only 13% of them will still proceed with their modus operandi upon discovering that their target property is protected by warning devices. Whether you have recently moved to a new home or have been in your neighborhood for nearly a decade, you must make sure that your safety checks are always green and go.

Alarm System Store has put together simple yet proven ways to prevent the likelihood of uneventful, potentially life-altering episodes in the form of break-ins. On top of tips about the most strategic spots for your sensors and detectors, we also covered practical points to ensure safety all throughout your home. 

Use timers to turn your light, TV, and radio on and off, and vary the schedule daily.

Burglars are creatures who pay close attention to their target’s every move. More often than not, they plan their attacks around the time where no one is home. Of course, an empty house would have no movement, so your best bet is to take advantage of timers for your lights, TVs, and radios. Vary the schedule of the time when your lights go on and off. Also, tune in to a different channel, and even a new playlist every other day. Remember, perfecting the tiniest details matter a lot when facing burglars who have unbelievably keen eyes.

Unwelcome unwanted “guests” by placing two lights in your main entrance.

More than adding a classic touch of symmetry on your front door, putting two lights is better than one because in the event that one malfunctions, you are sure to have a back up. A well-lit entrance also allows you to have a better view of whoever is coming to your door, especially at odd hours of a hazy or foggy night. As an added layer of preventing break-ins, get outdoor sensors that may be easily added to your current alarm system.

If you’re on a long business trip or a family vacation, get your trusted neighbor to check your home front.

A vacation or an official trip leaves your property vulnerable to tell-tale signs that spell that nobody is home. When planning your stay elsewhere, get help in keeping your lawn or facade free from heaps of snow, piles of garbage, and overgrown grass. In addition, your neighbor could also check your home at a closer yet safer distance while running these chores on your behalf.

Prominently place warning decal stickers that are visible within 3 feet.

The logic is simple: Out of sight, out of mind. Think of these affordable security items as seals for safeguarding your home and your family, too. The idea of keeping a distance between potential trespassers or intruders not only saves you from attacks, but also a greater sense of being in control of your private space.

Park your car strategically.

Parking in driveways may be convenient especially when you had an extremely long day, and would rather get to bed in the least possible time. However, reports have proven that driveways are highways for auto theft masters. Parking your car in a garage guarded with a hardwired alarm sensor or two (depending on the size) may take a bit more time and effort, but doing so blurs the burglar’s vision of a perfectly staged crime.

Test your deadbolt locks with a hacksaw.

If you’re dead serious about securing your home, get that hacksaw to work with your deadbolt locks. Yes. You read it right. There are locks that feature an internal anti-saw pin which are sturdy enough to withstand the power of a hacksaw. If you don’t have this kind of lock, make sure that your deadbolt lock is equipped with a 1-inch long horizontal bolt.

Kick out the signature burglar kick.

Perhaps you’ve watched enough movies and series to realize the importance of getting kick-proof doors. Consider getting at least a single 3-inch long screw in each door hinge to lessen the likelihood of having to deal with a forced entry. When it comes to the door that connect your garage to your home, put the same amount of security measures that you give to your main entrance and exit points. Sliding doors on the other hand only need a metal rod to keep them from being opened effortlessly.

All windows must be connected to a home security system.

A window allows a home and its owners to breathe better and even let natural light in, thus saving up on energy costs. Then again, numerous windows mean that you are exposing your interiors to shady people. Cheap, invisible alarm window sensors that come in bulk pave the way for monitoring your home’s every inch easier and closer, too.

Include your plants in your security plans.

On top of up-to-date motion sensors, deterring burglars can also come in the form of planting unassuming roses and hollies that give these thieves a harder time to penetrate your perimeter. As for taller trees and shrubs, consider trimming them in such a way that their height won’t invite burglars who are always on the lookout for concealment and spaces where they can run to and hide in.

Do not commit the classic mistake of placing your pass code on the keypad of your alarm.

While you have all the best intentions in world, never ever put your pass code on your alarm’s keypad. This is usually done in homes where kids and elder family members are living. Some wireless sensors now come with remotes that no longer need such passcodes. These models only feature a few essential buttons that are easy to understand and operate. 

Take a proactive part in your neighborhood’s vigilant efforts.

Finally, security measures that are beefed up by modern alarms are best when managed and maintained by people committed to make their place a safer and homier one. Statistics have confirmed that burglaries and break-ins tend to occur in clusters. The reason? Burglars need to maximize the time they spend on watching over the neighborhood, so they target several houses. In the event that they fail or succeed, they still get more chances of hitting their own versions of their “jackpot”. Alarm System Store is on the boat to keep break-ins out of sight. With our comprehensive home security solutions and upgrades, let us help you and your neighborhood to keep peace and privacy at their best state.

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