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The new Z-Wave Control Communication Module for L5100 is a Z-Wave controller that was made especially for the Lynx Touch L5100 Wireless Alarm System. The L5100-ZWAVE will let you add home automation devices to your Lynx Touch L5100 so that you can schedule different events in the home when you are away such as turning lights on and off. You can also have a Z-Wave thermostat for your heating and cooling system that will lower the temp when you arm and leave the house and, when you return and disarm the system, will return the temperature to its regular state. this is very useful for saving energy costs while you are away on vacation. A lot of people have been waiting very patiently for something like this to come along. And we are very happy to be able to offer it. This controller can control:
  • Up to three thermostats
  • Four door locks
  • 40 devices (lights, switches and lamp modules)
  • 20 scenes
  • 20 rules (event based actions)
  • 20 schedules (time based actions)
Now, the remote control options that this gives you can only be used with Honeywell's Total Connect service, but that's only if you want to be able to be away from home and set schedules for events to occur, or to control locks while  on vacation. You can do the scheduling at home though without having Total Connect. They have some Z-Wave locks that will, if you enter your arming/disarming code into the lock, unlock the door and disarm your system all at once! This is a very useful feature and is almost better than having a keychain remote. Honeywell has come out with some very useful devices for home security and home automation. This is their newest addition to that family of products. You can find a lot of the products that you be able to use with this device at Z-Wave has a myriad of products that make home automation a breeze. We here at Alarm System Store will be offering Z-Wave products in the near future.

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