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The Honeywell GSMVLP5 for the new Lynx Touch alarm system is only compatible with this system. It gives Lynx Touch users the ability to get rid of their land-line phone lines for communicating to a central station monitoring service. If the only thing that you are keeping your land-line for is your Lynx Touch alarm system then this will let you get rid of it totally. The Honeywell GSMVLP5 will allow your Honeywell Lynx Touch to communicate with a central station monitoring service through the GSM cell phone frequency. Installation is a snap and the unit is plug and play with a couple of programming changes of course.

You just pop open the front cover of the Lynx Touch, attach in the GSM module in the provided space with the three screws provided, enable the GSM, configure alarm reporting and module supervision, and register the device. Most monitoring services offer two-way voice communication and with the GSMVLP5 you'll be able to take advantage of that feature. With the two-way voice feature; if your alarm goes off and calls the central station then they in turn can talk back to you to see if everything is alright. You don't need any other add-on because of the Lynx Touch's built in microphone. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who wants to get rid of the land-line telephone line or if they'd like a backup just in case of phone trouble.

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