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 Honeywell FG1608 Glassbreak Detector With Built In Contact The Honeywell FG1608 Glassbreak Detector With Built In Contact is great for those that want double protection when it comes to their windows. This glass break detector also includes a magnet and reed switch. The dual purpose behind this is that most burglars won't try to open your window, they'll just break the glass and crawl in. With the Honeywell FG1608 you can detect this intrusion when you're not at home.

But, you ask, what if they don't break the window and pry it open instead? Well, that's when the reed switch and magnet portion of the FG1608 comes into play. When the magnet is separated from the reed switch inside the glass break detector it also sends an alarm to your panel. A very nice dual purpose contact!!

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