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How prepared are you for a home invasion? It’s important to ask this question in light of the high crime rates. In a test conducted by “Good Morning America,” a safety and security expert demonstrated how easy it was to break into a home in the absence of a security system. Just how useful and important is a home security system?

For home security owners, the quest to improve protection is an ongoing commitment. A product review on DSC Touch KIT467-94HAT is thus useful not only for those thinking of getting a security system, but also for those who want to upgrade to a new top-of-the-line alarm system. To help you, here’s a DSC touch review with seven points to consider.

1. Smart and Wireless Machine

The DSC Touch keeps up with the exciting trend called the Internet of Things, an endeavor concerned with the network of devices via the Internet. Today, when it’s almost inconceivable for many people to unplug from the Internet, the DSC Touch provides superior remote capabilities that allow the user to do more.

The largely Internet-influenced modern lifestyle is something that great home alarm systems such as DSC Touch in conjunction with would complement, rather than clash with. Technological advances continue to happen at breakneck speed, and this unit can smartly keep up with automatic upgrades incorporated into the home system.

2. Friendly Installation

Home security sounds like a great idea. It’s hard to imagine a person in their right mind who wouldn’t want to make their homes secure. However, two common hindrance is tech literacy and installation difficulty. Some people just don’t have the confidence to use a security system because seems intimidating.

But the DSC Touch system comes as welcome news with it’s easy-to-use interface. It has minimum wiring requirements and a friendly installation process. This makes installing and expanding your system fairly easy, whether you want to add detectors or incorporate other devices into your home design. It’s amazing that the DSC Touch manages to provide serious security without intimidating the user. There are even help videos and an FAQ available on the panel.

3. Stylishly Adaptable and Dependablestylishly adaptable dependable

Photo courtesy of jackmac34 via Pixabay

Let’s face it, we care about home security in almost the same way we care about appearances. Many people want things now to be Instagram-worthy. For these growing number of netizens, the best home security system should be able to marry style and functionality. The DSC Touch appears to understand this well. When you first open the box, you will notice that there are none of those pesky wires or bulky machines. Everything looks sleek and could smoothly fit into your home. The Touch has a picture frame feature with sets of pictures available or the ability to use your own through the SD card slot. A number of the devices are so smartly designed that they look like art—modern pieces that combine technology and design.

4. Comfortable Daily Use

What distinguishes the best home security system alarms is how they endure daily use. According to a security survey by San Martin Neighborhood Alliance, more than half of home security owners are unsure how to use their system. Just like the rest of the DSC Touch Alarm System products, the manufacturer addresses this problem with advanced security features that can be navigated with a streamlined interface. It has intuitive touch icons that are designed to assist the common user to perform basic system operations. It’s also noteworthy that the seven-inch color screen resolution is very easy on the eyes. Daily and continued use is not only comfortable, it also feels like the system is clearly doing much of the job for you.

5. Smart Detection Against False Alarmssmart detection against false alarms

Photo courtesy of jarmoluk via Pixabay

False alarms are the worst. When they keep on happening, they have a tendency to make you complacent towards actual burglar alarms. Pet owners may experience false alarms when their dog or cat passes through a security-activated area. But it’s not only you that’s burdened.

Police departments are inconvenienced and may even fine you for false alarms. You’d feel frustrated, as though giving up on your pets is the smart thing to do. But you don’t have to resort to that with the DSC Touch system. With its innovative alarm verification, it has the ability to minimize or completely eliminate false alarms.

6. Smooth Communication

The kit comes with a built-in dual path IP/GSM Communicator. The DSC Touch has a built-in microphone and speaker dedicated to two-way voice so that communication is quick, smooth, and accurate. The functionality allows security providers to listen and verify alarms. With the speakerphone, members of the household can communicate with your central station without having to even answer the phone. Communication is at the heart of every effective security system. You want threats to be repelled while you, your family, and the police are made aware of it. With’s Interactive Services, notifications are also sent to your mobile devices whether your are in a meeting, on a vacation, or stuck in traffic.

7. Significant Savings

Arguably one of the top requirements of consumers, value for money can make or break a possible purchase. It’s understandable that value figures in the pros and cons of getting a DSC Touch KIT467-94HAT. True: the DSC Touch kit is fairly expensive compared to many other kits. But it also comes with far more than most kits as well. To start, the DSC Touch itself has everything already built into it. You won’t need to purchase a communicator, a Z-Wave controller, a backup battery, et cetera. Also it comes with four wireless security devices which, if bought separately, would equal about a third of the price of the kit.

In 2014 alone, the FBI estimated $14.3 billion in financial losses due to property crimes. It’s wiser to think of our home security purchase as an investment. Apart from providing you with security and peace of mind, you also can cut down utility costs depending on the devices. Smart thermostats, for example, can automatically adjust home temperature and save you money in the long haul while also increasing comfort.

With this review on DSC Touch KIT467-94HAT, you know how security systems can better benefit and protect you. Committing to having a security system is a serious decision, but it’s a decision that you should consider because it may spell the difference between danger and safety for your home and loved ones.

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