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The business of keeping our homes safe is undergoing a revolution. Times are definitely more dangerous, criminals are more cunning, and homeowners are, well, a little bit more paranoid. This is why home security systems are no longer just about vanity, but a necessity.

The presence of an alarm system makes a home 3 times less likely to be burglarized. Homeowners with a security system, or those planning to get one or have their old units upgraded, will also be relieved to know that 20% more of your money is saved in the long run when equipping homes with alarm systems.

Another source of relief is the fact that today, ensuring home safety has become so much easier and security systems have become more reliable.Gone are the days of needing to run wires all over your house. Even cameras aren’t too fancy for your home anymore. Today, home security systems are more advanced and way cooler; securing your homes in a really smart fashion.

The DSC Touch is one such cutting-edge system. It is reliable, user-friendly, interactive, and filled with remarkable features. It is one of the things that you know can do so much for you and your sanity: it guards your home and can also manage it. Manuals can be technical and intimidating so let us strip it down for you with this easy guide to using DSC Touch.

Breezy installation

Wires, cables, and weird codes can be very intimidating. When you take something out of the box, you are usually too careful to break or lose anything as you try to dissect the manual. With a wireless alarm system kit like the DSC Touch kit, you need not be a rocket scientist. The kit comes with help videos to assist you in installation (and even on battery replacement). Just prepare the layout of where you want the panel mounted. This is a wireless, hybrid alarm system so no need to worry about wires.

Easy to program

After installation, the next step is programming. You will have numerous programming options depending on security preferences. These options are very easy to understand so non-tech savvy users need not worry. Everything is laid out in a very intuitive fashion. And the instructions are very easy to follow.

Touchscreen interface 

The neighborhood security watch survey by San Martin Neighborhood Alliance showed that 54% of home alarm system owners are unsure of how to operate their system. But with advanced alarm system features, the interface is easier to navigate.

The DSC Touch has intuitive touch icons designed to help in performing basic system operation. The color screen resolution is also at 800 x 480; making it easy to see. It was created with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Plus, you would also be glad to know that this 7-inch touch screen wireless alarm system looks very chic and elegant.

Reduce false alarms

One of the things that delight users as seen in several DSC Touch reviews is its ability to reduce false alarms with its innovative alarm verification. News on home intrusions are enough to make people paranoid and frequent false alarms are not going to help. False alarms have placed a large and unnecessary burden on police departments, so much so that many locations will actually fine homeowners and businesses for false alarms. It has a built-in two-way voice alarm verification system to avoid unnecessary inconveniences for everyone involved.

The two-way audio alarm verification allows security providers to listen in via built-in microphones. There is also a built-in speakerphone for people in the area to communicate with security responders. This allows your central station to actually talk to you through the panel to increase the efficiency of alarm verification. Once verified, appropriate authorities will be alerted.

Your own home manager

The DSC all-in-one does not only ensure home safety, it also helps you with home management. The DSC Touch has a built-in Z-Wave control unit that will let you automate your home’s temperature control, lighting, and door locks. You can control these things locally or remotely via Never again will you have to worry about forgetting to lock the doors. Aside from added security, this also helps you save energy: good for your wallet and the environment.

Connectivity at its finest 

This next generation innovation in home security and automation uses Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, and Bluetooth technologies to make remote operation breezier through integration with, a platform solution for connecting a home. For installing an Internet-powered alarm, you can simply do it yourself with a little help from your computer. This means you can access your home wherever you are because integration and connectivity are easily available.

Connects with IoT 

The different technologies enable DSC Touch with wireless communication that connects to the growing ecosystem of Internet of Things, which is essentially the networking of objects such as appliances and security. IoT is an area of endeavor that is concerned with safeguarding connected devices and networks. DSC upgrades are cloud based and are automatically incorporated into the system.

Do more from far away

Its remote capabilities, powered by, will let you do more wherever you may be. You can arm or disarm the system while stuck in traffic, and view camera feeds while in the office, and receive event notifications while in a meeting. You may also receive system status updates remotely. This puts you in control of everything happening at home.

It’s a photo gallery, too 

Here’s a really sweet add-on to the DSC Touch’s interactive home security features: it is also your own photo gallery. It has a picture frame feature that lets you customize your own screensaver and wallpaper. It also has an SD card slot for your photos.

The DSC Touch all-in-one is the new face of hybrid home security and automation. Aside from guarding your home while letting you manage it too, it can also be easily installed and used. It’s like having your own 24/7 patrol guards and home manager rolled into one sleek and smart-looking panel, so you can lessen your worries about your home when you’re away.

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