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Did you know that 9 out of 10 burglars reportedly abandon their plan when a home or business property has an alarm system? But the downside is only 14 percent of property owners have an alarm system in the US alone. If you belong to the majority, you’re more vulnerable to burglaries, which the FBI estimates to occur every 13 seconds. The alarming crime statistics shows that home and business owners need better home security.

Although consumers understand the need for an alarm system, many have the misconception that installing one is tedious and expensive. You want something with superior reliability, but you also want an easy-to-use and economical system. Here enters the DSC PowerSeries to provide you with all the security benefits of a reliable, efficient, and economical alarm system. So, what are the features and devices of the DSC PowerSeries Neo that make it not only the most comprehensive in the industry but also the most beneficial for your property? Get ahead of the curve and learn more about this leading hybrid system.

One Security Panel, Multiplied to Four

The DSC PowerSeries NEO H32119CP01 Kit is the ideal mid-range security system with scalable options and wireless compatibility. The kit has as its central command or “brain” the HS2032 zone panel model. What makes HS2032 the perfect panel for an entry-level security system is its hardwire capability of 8 zones that can be expanded up to 32. The system’s hardwire capability is reliable because it’s not as easily susceptible to interference as in the case of a purely wireless system. Zones refer to a specific part of your property where you want to install an alarming device.

For example, one zone can be your bedroom window, while the other can be your front door. For many properties, 8 hardwired zones would be enough. But if you want to expand your system’s reach for added protection, the DSC alarm equipment allows you to do so easily. You can include more areas depending on your house layout and needs. For this reason, the 32-wire zone expandability makes the security panel also convenient for businesses in larger spaces. The control panel can also support up to four partitions you can optimize to secure your main house and its premises. Think of it as having your own private security which you can multiply to four. A partition refers to a separate area of your property that can operate independently from the other areas.

Apart from the main house, other partitions you can wire with a siren include your garage, barn, or any annex. These areas are typically considered extensions of the main house which still require security. You also benefit from partitioning your system if your property has outbuildings. Spaces with connected apartments are a common example. The HS2032 is great for this kind of setup because it allows four partitions to be equipped with their own security keypad. If you’re the property owner, you’re in control of the master code while having the flexibility to assign each partition with its own user code.

Are you a renter? If so, you can make an arrangement with your landlord or fellow renters for all partitions to be integrated into one security system. But you also have the option to do it yourself and only for your own space. The security system is streamlined for DIY installations, so you’re empowered to install and operate it with ease.

Nonstop Monitoring and Protection with PowerG Transceiver

Residential and commercial property owners see the necessity and convenience of wireless security systems. Having a system that has wireless connectivity bolsters overall security and ease of use. Hardwire connectivity is essential, but for it to work best it has to be complemented by new technology. The security kit raises the bar with its comprehensive hybrid application. It means you get the best of both hardwire and wireless connectivity. The LCD hardwired keypad included in the kit is infused with a PowerG Transceiver that lets you control and monitor your system remotely. You will never have to worry again because you can always keep an eye on your property even when you’re away.

The device is also comprehensive because it provides you with security beyond burglaries. Fire and medical emergencies, for example, are occurrences anyone can’t be complacent about. The fire and medical keys are nifty additions to the panel, offering protection for trouble situations you may encounter. A revolutionary communication feature is called the Multi-Channel Spectrum technology, which ensures you receive up-to-date alarm messages from your hardwire and wireless devices. There’s no room for ambiguity because you’ll have a clear picture of false alarms and actual threat. Accidentally leaving your door open will produce an alarm different from a signal you get from, say, a forced intrusion.

The Adaptive Transmission Power technology is also a vital addition for round-the-clock security. In concrete terms, your system can have up to eight years of battery life for its devices and peripherals, reducing battery-replacement and additional costs. Beyond the 8-year battery life, the system remains an efficient DIY home security because you can save time in changing alarm system batteries without the help of a technician.

Power Up With Practical Devices

On its own, the kit already provides reliable security to protect your property from burglaries and other trouble situations. But as you are probably thinking, what options do you have to expand it? The H32119CP01 kit is a robust and feature-rich platform that easily allows you to expand your security system and get tailored solutions even for the most demanding needs. The system’s intuitive hybrid-ready design allows you to smoothly add practical wireless devices included in DSC power series installation manual such as motion, flood, and temperature detectors.

The complete suite of devices and support software lets you cover all the bases in terms of providing security for your property and family. Some devices even serve dual functions. For example, the siren that comes with the kit is a burglar alarm system accessory, but it’s also a signal device for fire. Particular to your needs, you may consider installing more sirens and other devices for the other zones and partitions of your system. Bear in mind that all wireless devices you add to your system allow you to receive alarm communications through traditional phone lines and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

No matter your preference and needs, you can enjoy expanding your security system with all the advantages and convenience of new technology. Having a security system is an investment that provides you with peace of mind and allows you to feel empowered in keeping your property and loved ones safe. Maintaining a security system surely does require some expense, depending on your needs and how you decide to install DSC alarms. But consider how that compares to what you can potentially lose from just one burglary without a security system.

At the end of the day, investing in an expandable security system kit is all about the priceless protection you can provide for your family and property.

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