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The first thing you probably want to ask about home security systems, and rightfully so, is whether it can really protect you against intruders in the event of a break-in. What is the burglar alarm system going to do exactly? Will it just sound an alarm, link you to the police, alert your family?

The latest crime statistics released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation showed that there were an estimated 7,993,631 property crime offenses in the US in 2015, nearly 20% was attributed to burglary. Whether or not a reliable home security system is necessary is already answered, as several studies present the correlation between having an alarm system and lowering the risk of falling victims to intruders.

The Ademco Honeywell Vista 20P revolutionized the way home and business owners protect their properties. It is very flexible, has just about every kind of accessory you could need—various expansion modules and keypads—and compatibility with great third-party equipment so that you can control it remotely. You could be at work and change the codes or send an alarm in case of an intrusion or emergency.

Here is a list of break in solutions that you can do with Ademco Vista 20P wherever, whenever.

Change the codes

Honeywell Vista Change the Codes
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Burglars are often people that have entered your house before, maybe even for legitimate reasons such as a contractor fixing your plumbing or something similar. Often homeowners will give these people a code that they use for maintenance personnel. But if you don’t change that user code, it can be used later to bypass your security system in a burglary situation.

The Honeywell 20P is now integrated into the System Enhancement Module (SEM) from, the leading smart home security platform. Through this, owners can manage user codes remotely and can access to their own dedicated, reliable cellular connection. This means it can function even when the phone line has been cut or the Internet is down. During a break-in, you can count on it to provide 24/7 emergency response and real-time alerts.

Be alerted real-time

Honeywell Vista Be Alerted
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One of the features of the Honeywell Vista 20P is that it is a versatile system compatible with other third-party equipment along with their own services: Honeywell Total Connect. Total Connect requires a cellular communicator or Honeywell IP and central station monitoring. From there, you can choose what you want Total Connect to do for you.

You can stay in the know wherever you are. You will receive emails, text messages, and video alerts of important events—from your child arriving from school to suspicious activities in your system. You can watch live video of a burglar breaking inside your property, record it, and use it to go after them or in filing a police report later on. Mobile control allows you to have peace of mind in the palm of your hand.

Call a friend

Honeywell Vista Call a Friend
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The primary instinct of people in an emergency is to cry for help. But what if your house was broken into by an intruder and you’re not home? What if you can see it on video surveillance but you can’t do anything?

Stop feeling helpless with the Honeywell Vista 20P. It is compatible with the IPD CAT CDMA Transmitter Communicator, which is a self-monitoring cellular data module that can be used with or without a central station monitoring service. It is essentially a cellular-only solution for people who prefer to receive notifications without requiring a professional central station monitoring service. It can send an automated phone call to any landline or cell phone. It can also send an email or a text message. If you are in distress or if your home was broken into, you can count on this feature to notify the important numbers about the emergency, including friends, family, and neighbors.

Alert the police

Honeywell Vista Alert the Police
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 Wherever you are, you can control your Ademco Vista 20P, so much so that when an intruder breaks into your home, you can alert the authorities about it. The system can send a distress call to the central monitoring station so that authorities can be alerted of your situation. Apart from intrusions, other emergencies such as fire, flooding or carbon monoxide poisoning can also be monitored.

If you found out that your home is being broken into while you’re away, there is no point in feeling helpless. Technology has revolutionized security in ways you did not even imagine was possible five years ago. A Honeywell Vista 20P Kit allows you to access live surveillance video, arm and disarm the unit, change user codes, receive real-time alerts, and alert authorities remotely. Now, that’s truly taking control of your home security wherever and whenever.

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