BBB Business Review
Click Here To Buy Some Now The BT 600 is a nice little terminal expander used to keep the amount of wires limited in a terminal. After several questions from customers asking, "how do I fit all these wires in one terminal", we would like to introduce to you the Terminal Expander by ATW. Lets say for example you have six wires in your "Aux -" and six wires in you "Aux +" terminals on you main control panel.  The BT-600 will allow you to eliminate that clutter.  You would run one wire from you "Aux -" to one side of the BT-600.  All the wires in your "Aux -" will go on the same side as the wire you ran.  The same goes for "Aux +".  Each wire will have it's own terminal and will allow for better connectivity and less clutter. If you have multiple keypads or devices that require power, you can add another BT-600 for the data wires of your keypads and you clean up the terminals on the main board.  These are a great alternative to our 4 port wire connects or the 8 port wire connects.

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