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Not sure what alarm system package to buy? Or maybe deciding to replace your old alarm system? The DSC Power 1832 line, being one of the top choices for alarm systems available, is here to rescue you. Aside from providing maximum reliability and versatility, it offers many expansion options to tailor-fit your system to your specific home safety needs.

The alarm system device is also packaged into several kit combos:

(1) the DSC Kit32power5CP01NT Power 1832,

(2) the DSC Kit32-51CP01NT Power 1832, and

(3) the DSC Kit32-219CP01NT Power 1832.

To help you learn more about each unit and to help you choose which model suits you best, below is a concise DSC 1832 combo kits review. Whether you’re installing the system in a newly-built home or replacing an older system, you will have the best options.

The Baseline

Comparing alarm system combos can be difficult, since it’s too easy to be confused with the various components that you’ll have to keep in mind. Here are the basics from which you can make your own evaluations based on the scope of the installation and other necessary features. All the combo kits featured here contain the DSC Power 1832 system board, which already includes eight on-board zones (expandable to 32 hardwired and wireless zones), two PGM outputs (expandable to 14), and four partitions.

Each kit also includes backup battery support (the DSC Kit32power5CP01NT Power 1832 and the DSC Kit32-219CP01NT Power 1832 has a 12v, 4amp backup battery, while the DSC Kit32-51CP01NT Power 1832 includes a 12v, 7amp backup battery), a 15-watt surface mount indoor siren, and an RJ31X telephone jack and cord set. However, each kit addresses specific security needs, and a closer look below will let you choose the combo that perfectly fits your home.

What the Different Keypads Entail

Although each kit features the powerful DSC 1832 system, the most noticeable difference among them is the keypad. Each Powerseries keypad features high-gloss back painting that has a nice, 3D sensation; large, ergonomically-located buttons; a sleek, unobtrusive profile; and universal icons and displays. However, the similarities end there. The DSC Kit32power5CP01NT Power 1832 Alarm System Kit comes with the simplest keypad of the bunch: the PK5501. This model has five programmable function keys, a wire channel, individual FAP keys, an icon that displays the status of your air-conditioner, and adjustable backlight and keypad buzzer.

You can also assign zones to use chimes or not. Although the PK5501 is for those looking for a more affordable alarm system kit, this package provides a robust selection of security features. However, it will only show minimal information on the fixed LCD display. This means that checking trouble codes and programming are considerably more challenging. You also can’t check the event log on the system. If you’re looking for greater ease of use, you might want to look at the other packages.

The DSC Kit32-51CP01NT Power 1832 Alarm System Kit includes a keypad that has all of the features of the PK5501, and then some. In addition to the PK5501’s features, the PK5500 also supports eight languages, global partition status, and full 32-character programmable phrases. This alarm system kit combo is perfect if you want to have greater control over the programming. The PK5500 also gives you access to more than one partition. The PK5500 will give you access to the event log and makes checking trouble codes much easier than the PK5501 as well. The DSC Kit32-219CP01NT Power 1832 Alarm System Kit features the mighty RFK5500 alpha programmable keypad which has a built-in wireless receiver on top of all the features of the previous models. This allows immediate wireless capability for installations in areas where hardwire zones would be problematic.

Scale and Accessibility

Among the DSC Power 1832 alarm system kit combos, the one that best suits you will depend entirely on the nature of the installation and the specific home safety concerns. The size of the property shouldn’t affect your decision, as each of these systems can cover approximately the same area. Each is a great choice for secure independent living. What will matter more, however, is the limit of your budget. Remember that the more expensive systems will be more user-friendly and will include a lot of features that will make them a lot easier to set up. The DSC Kit32-51CP01NT Power 1832 Alarm System Kit is a great choice if you don’t need a wireless system, which you’ll exchange for a good mid-range price.

The PK5500’s advanced features allows you to customize access to the system in tiers, providing specific instructions to different people. This kit is also good if you run a hostel, a bed-and-breakfast or rent out space to Airbnb, as the PK5500’s advanced partition capabilities can give you a lot of control over which zones are armed and which ones aren’t from a central hub. Consider being able to arm and disarm entire zones or even batches of zones with ease. Going from one area of your property to the other is not only tiring for you, but it’s also quite obtrusive to guests.

The DSC Kit32-51CP01NT Power 1832 Alarm System Kit can even be your best choice if you have a particularly large property with multiple family members and staff milling about. Properties attractive to home invasion are also the larger ones. Finally, the DSC Kit32-219CP01NT Power 1832 Alarm System Kit’s wireless capabilities offer a lot of added convenience and freedom. If you need to secure multiple buildings which could make hardwired alarm system zoning not only difficult but sometimes impossible, the DSC Kit32-219CP01NT Power 1832 Alarm System Kit is the only way to go. If a pillar, wall or some other structure like a sculpture is in the way, hardwiring might prove to be risky, if not impossible. Going wireless allows you to bypass these difficulties without the mess and hassle of a hardwired setup. It is also quickly becoming the norm because of the convenience and ease of installation.

Motion Detection

The DSC Kit32-219CP01NT Power 1832 and DSC Kit32power5CP01NT Power 1832 alarm system kits include a LC-100-PI hardwired motion detector with pet immunity. You’d want this feature if you require even more protection over a specific area, usually the central hub. As far as hybrid alarm systems go, the DSC Kit32-219CP01NT Power 1832 Alarm System Kit offers the most comprehensive home security features, and this additional layer of protection creates a redundant system to ensure your peace of mind. The pet immunity feature ensures that the entire household won’t be disturbed by the cat coming in for a midnight snack. The importance of motion detection technology is underlined by the fact that around 60% of burglaries use forced entry to gain ingress.

You’ll find that choosing among the DSC Power kit combos is mostly a matter dictated by your budget. The more expensive kits will have more comprehensive features and include additional parts for greater ease of use. When it comes to choosing which DSC alarm is best, make a quick assessment of your budgetary limits and make a decision from there. Being proactive and putting in home security system is critical to home safety. Too often people will look for an alarm system after their home was already broken into. There are many options out there with varying levels of features to meet your budgetary and safety needs. In the event of home burglary, you’ll be glad to have taken the time and money to invest in a home alarm system.

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