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How safe do you feel when you’re at home? Can you confidently and peacefully go to work knowing that your kids are in a burglar-proof home? But wait, is your home really burglar-proof? The presence of a home security system provides a strong layer of protection to your home. A 2013 study by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte proved this as it gathered survey responses from convicted burglars themselves. The survey found that 83% would try to determine if a home has an alarm before attempting an invasion.

If there is an alarm, half said they would discontinue the attempt, while 13% will go ahead with the burglary. However, times have changed and burglars have become even more aggressive. Despite the rise in the popularity of home security systems, incidence of burglary and intrusions increase every year. Can your old surveillance cameras and alarms handle it? Knowing when it is time to replace your alarms and update your security system is an effective way to deter crime. But how will you know exactly when your security system is up for replacement? Here are the six best times to replace a security system.

Time to update: When your system is old, tired, and still wired

You should know that roughly 25% of burglars reported cutting alarm wires before breaking into a home. Wired security systems are old and outdated. You should consider switching to wireless alarm systems immediately. They are affordable, easy to install, and easy to operate. Another reason to replace your security system is when it keeps giving you false alarms. Modern security systems have sensitivity levels that can be adjusted. They also have a way to identify whether the motion detected is suspicious. Avoid false alarms by updating the technology you subscribe to and reduce the times you subject yourself to unnecessary panic and tension.

Time to keep up: When burglars have a way with technology

Never underestimate burglars. They know exactly what they are up against. As security systems become more technologically advanced, burglars also become more tech savvy. A report by The Telegraph stated that savvy burglars are now using metal detectors to target homes with expensive jewelry.

Another report claimed burglars are using drones to spy on police while they carry out burglaries. They also use social media to find out if a family is out on vacation, providing a bigger window for invasion. Some even use tools such as Google Earth to target homes. As crooks become tech savvy, your security system should stay ahead of the curve. You should be able to control your home security system remotely, change its settings from your mobile device, change alarm codes when something suspicious is detected, and give you more accurate, real-time alerts. You can find these helpful features offered by leading home security companies. The Alarm System Store, in particular, offers a wide range of products that give you options on how best to protect your home.

Time to learn: When your security system failed you

If your home had been invaded once despite the presence of surveillance cameras and alarms, your security system is a candidate for replacement and updating; especially if the burglars were able to get around your security system. After your home was broken into is the time when you are vulnerable to burglaries, and getting a reliable security system is in order. Also consider the monitoring situation of your alarm system, whether self or centrally monitored: were the authorities dispatched in a timely manner?

Around 20% of invaded households are broken into more than once and burglars tend to return to the home they previously invaded. This is because burglars love familiarity and since they already know the layout of your home, it would be easier for them to do it again. For all you know, they could be watching your home from a distance and just waiting for you to replace your valuables.

Time to be on alert: When crime rate is on the rise

Do you wake up to the news that yet another neighbor’s home was broken into? If the crime rate in your neighborhood seems to be on the rise, it is imperative to always be on alert. Assess your security system and if you think burglars can skirt around it, this means now is the time to change your security system. Stand in front of your house and pretend that you are a burglar. If you can easily find a way to invade your home, the need to upgrade your alarm system is apparent.

Time to upgrade: When mobile is the way to go

A smart home is a secure home. Can you not do anything with your security system? Can you not control it and access it easily? Then it is time to upgrade and use your smartphone to protect your home. Updating your security system so that it keeps up to the changing times is necessary. If you are always out of the house and you have to leave your kids with a babysitter, being able to pull up live images will give you peace of mind. A home security system that alerts you on your phone, records unusual movements, and notifies the police is definitely worth every penny.

Time to do more: When you want more value for money

Advanced home security systems can now do more than guarding your house. They can also be used to build a smart home and control your energy consumption. If you want protect and automate your home at the same time, that’s when you should switch security systems. With home automation technology, you can lock and unlock doors and windows, control the lights, adjust thermostat, and change security settings with the help of your smartphone.

The security industry is evolving as times become more dangerous and burglars become more tech savvy. It is important that you know when it is time to change your home security system so they are not outdated and criminals can’t easily manipulate them. Now that you can do more with them, you can be your home’s patrol guard wherever you are. Replacing your security system is a small price to pay for your family’s safety and your own peace of mind.

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