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IP BAT IP/CDMA Dual Path Alarm Transmitter Communicator

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IP BAT IP/CDMA Dual Path Alarm Transmitter Communicator The IP BATCDMA is an IP "always on" data module that can be used with OR without professional central station monitoring service....

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IP BAT IP/CDMA Dual Path Alarm Transmitter Communicator

The IP BATCDMA is an IP "always on" data module that can be used with OR without professional central station monitoring service. This device is a snap to install and works with following panels:

Click HERE for a list of supported panels

The IP BATCDMA is Ipdatatel's newest offering in self communicating alarm communicators. This unit incorporates not only IP communication, but also a CDMA cell communication method as well. We have heard concerns in the past from customers about what would happen if the IP BAT ever quit working for whatever reason. Well worry no more. If one portion of this dual path communicator fails then the other will pick up the slack.

The IP BATCDMA can be used for self-monitoring purposes and has the ability to send an automated phone call to any landline or cell phone, a text, or an email. Not only does it notify you but you can also use this to remotely control your alarm system. The website interface offered gives you a fully functioning keypad that you can use to arm, disarm, bypass zones, add and remove user codes, program, etc. All of the features of your real keypad in a nicely presented virtual keypad. This is if your'e using the BAT with a compatible panel for that mode.

Installation is simple. You hook the BAT into the keypad terminals of any compatible panel in the list at the link above, run an ethernet cable between it and a router, do the programming changes in your alarm panel, and then call us to activate it. If you dont' have a panel in the list above then you can still use the panels tip and ring terminals and connect to the BAT that way using the Contact ID protocol. You will get the notifications, but you will lack in the remote control.

NOTE: The service fee of $135.00 also shown as setup fee, is non refundable once the IP BAT is activated.


Extended Information

  • Question.. Do I need a telephone or VOIP dial-tone when using the Broadband Alarm Transmitter (BAT) ?
    Answer.. No. The BAT is connected only to a broadband Internet connection. The control panel does not need dial-tone to be monitored.
  • Question.. How does the BAT obtain an IP Address?
    Answer.. The BAT automatically assigns itself an IP Address by your router through DHCP.
  • Question.. What is "Always-On" Internet?
    Answer.. This is Broadband Internet that uses a Router/Modem that is connected to the Internet Service Provider 24/7. There is no wait for dialing and connecting.
  • Question.. Can the BAT be connected to any Honeywell Vista or DSC control panel?
    Answer.. The BAT can be connected to a Vista 10P, 15P, 20P, 32BP, 128FB, 128FBP, LYNXR-I, Lynx Plus, and DSC Power Series 1616, 1832 and 1864 control panels with 4.2 firmware or later.
  • Question.. How are some signals directed to the customer and others directed to the central station?
    Answer.. The routing of your signals are performed through IpDatatel's network where authorized dealers/users can go on-line and program each account to perform these tasks.
  • Question.. Can a customer be emailed and called by telephone in the event of an alarm signal?
    Answer.. Yes, any signal type can be routed to the central station, a person or group of people, and notifications can be emailed, texted, and/or phoned to the customer.
  • Question.. If the customer doesn't want police dispatching, can all signals be send only the customer?
    Answer.. Yes, there is no requirement to send signals to a monitoring station.
  • Question.. Can the BAT work with my central station?
    Answer.. Yes, IpDatatel's carrier network can relay signals to any central station that is capable of receiving the industry standard Contact ID or SIA/FSK Databurst format. Because ipDatatel delivers standard CID or SIA alarm signals with these formats, this eliminates the need for monitoring stations to purchase expensive IP alarm receivers.
  • Question.. What signals does the BAT transmit?
    Answer.. The BAT can communicate alarms, low battery, supervisory, trouble, test, and other diagnostic signals. It also can poll the panel for connectivity and notify the customer if the panel fails to respond after a predetermined time.
  • Question.. How difficult is the BAT to install?
    Answer.. The BAT is extremely easy to install, and is connected similar to any other keypad bus module. Just install the small board inside the control panel (or an equipment panel). Connect the power and data (4 connections) to the keypad bus, and then plug the Ethernet Jack into an active router or hub. (Note: DSC also has a small 4-conductor cord from the control to the BAT, which is included.)
  • Question.. Can signals be suppressed?
    Answer.. IpDataTel's network can suppress (not relay) certain signals or groups of signals that otherwise would have been relayed to your central station and/or customer. This is based on your preferences.
  • Question.. Can the BAT relay to our corporate digital receiver?
    Answer.. Yes, IpDatatel's network can relay signals to any digital receiver using industry standard Contact ID or SIA/FSK Databurst format.
  • Question.. Can I operate my system remotely?
    Answer.. Yes. With your iPhone, you can operate your system with ipDatatel's virtual keypad just as if you were at home or the office standing in front of the keypad. Access is fully password protected.