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DSC LE4000E-AT Universal LTE Communicator

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DSC LE4000E-AT Universal LTE Communicator

The DSC LE4000E-AT is a universal cellular communicator that sends alarm signals via the high-speed LTE 4G network. The LE4000E will switch to 3G network usage if the LTE network is or becomes unavailable. Being universal means that this cellular communicator can be used with any alarm system that can provide the required 13.8V of power and has tip and ring terminals. This communicator works off of what is called dialer-capture. It reports in full Contact ID reporting format and will work with any panel capable of using that format.

The LE4000E features two onboard inputs and two onboard outputs (open collectors). These are programmable and can be used for various functions (See install manual for explanation of use). It also features onboard LEDs so that you can gauge signal strength while setting it up. The LEDs also provide flashing trouble codes that will help you know if there's a problem that needs to be remedied. The LE4000E has a cover and wall tamper to prevent tampering by would-be thieves. If these are disengaged then a tamper alarm initiates setting off the sounder. The communicator measures 8.5" H x 4.9" W x 1.3" D and is made of high-impact ABS plastic. The LE4000E, as mentioned above, gets powered by 13.8V and has a standby power draw of 40 mA and a transmission power draw of 180 mA. This can be used in environments with a temperature range of between 40° to 104° F. 

This can be used for our Alarm Monitoring Service to provide 24/7 Central Station Monitoring for your system

DSC LE4000 Installation manual
DSC LE4000 Specifications sheet


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  • I need to upgrade my communicator from a 3G3070 will this be compatible?

    Yes this is the modern replacement model for the 3g3070