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This includes: Smart Thermostat
Installation Guide
4 AA Batteries
3 Screws
3 Drywall anchors
Wire labels

The ADC-T2000 Smart Thermostat can be used to replace any existing thermostat in your home giving you a new level of control of the energy usage in your home. The thermostat has a mode button, up and down buttons, mode and temperature display and a display for the radio signal strength. To install the Smart Thermostat; all one needs to do is remove the old thermostat your replacing. You must be sure to mark which wires are which while removing the old one. You will then install the new back plate by running the marked wires through it and securing it to the wall with the included screws. You'll then wire it in by following the wiring labels on the Smart Thermostat. It can replace most standard thermostats as it has inputs for Y, G, C, W, O/B and R wiring schematics. The thermostat is flexible for power as well since it can be powered by batteries or directly from the HVAC power wiring.

The Smart Thermostat can help you save money and better provide climate control for your home. By using Residential Interactive or Commercial Interactive services; you can set scenes for it to automatically adjust temperatures based on time or trigger events. By placing temperature sensors in each room you will be able to adjust the temperature of that room independently of all other rooms. This will help save energy by letting shut off or lower the heating or cooling in certain rooms of the home or business. Another energy saving feature you'll get with and their thermostats is the ability for them to adjust automatically based on your proximity from your home or office. This is called Geotagging and it means that based on your location the thermostats can automatically adjust the temperature of the building so you can come in to a comfortable climate upon entering the building.

One of the reasons this is called a Smart Thermostat is because it can receive information from other Z-Wave devices around the home or business and adjust its operation based on the information that it receives. If you're using a Honeywell Vista 15p, Honeywell Vista 20P or DSC NEO Series alarm systems; the smart thermostat can interact with triggered automation events causing it to adjust to levels based on what is happening with the security system or any other device. This can be accomplished by using Interactive Services and either the SEM module for the Honeywell Systems or the DSC NEO 8080 Cellular communicator models. And with's mobile app you’ll have the control at your at your fingertips.

The Smart Thermostat can offer you a degree of control that will allow you to keep your house comfortable and help you save money on bills at the end of the month. Along with our other Z-Wave devices we offer on the site; you'll be able to turn your home or business into a money saving powerhouse that can almost run itself with the right setup and programming.


Ask a Question
  • Does this thermostat ADC-T2000 support operation of ventilation system?

    The T2000 does not support Ventilation systems, but the T40K smart thermostat does.

  • Will it work on a heat only system with no c wire

    No, the Smart Thermostat requires a C wire.

  • Can this thermostat be used to control 120V or 240V supply to electric radiant floor heat?

    No, this only works with 24V HVAC systems only.

  • Does this thermostat (ADC-T2000) need to be calibrated?

    You should not need to as the thermostat has a very good temp sensor in it, but if it does happen to be off, your service provider can adjust the calibration as needed. This applies to all thermostats.

  • Does the thermostat record heating and cooling usage

    No, it's just a means of controlling it.