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The Premium Video package from includes all of the features available for residential camera services and gives you the ability to set up onboard 24/7 recording for all of the compatible cameras attached to your account. This service covers 4 cameras with 3000 clips of storage for cameras not using the 24/7 onboard recording. It also features video analytics rules for all cameras that support it as well. With onboard 24/7 recording you can insert an SD card into compatible cameras to provide constant recording for that device. The video that is stored on the SD card is encrypted and can only be viewed through your app or computer portal while the SD card is in the camera. With the Premium Video service, cameras added via the camera expansion package will be able to utilize the onboard recording option as well.


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  • Will this package work with a doorbell as well or do I need to purchase a separate package for that?

    This plan is inclusive of any video cameras, including doorbell cameras.

  • Good Evening. We are boarding school, and a parent has given us 30 units of Alarm dot com compatible wifi cameras. We would like to use replace our 16 old analog cameras. How do we setup account and get started?

    Once you purchase the video service package, you will be emailed activation instructions. Each package covers four cameras and you will need to add on expansion packs for each addidtional four cameras. See here: