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How many keypads can a Honeywell Vista system handle?


The Honeywell Vista systems that we sell here including the Vista 15P, Vista 20P and the Vista 21ip can accommodate up to 8 keypads. Depending on the total power that’s being drawn from the system; you may need to add an additional power supply to the system to support 8 keypads. 

All keypads that you install on the Honeywell Vista systems will have to be assigned their own addresses. The main keypad of the system gets addressed as address 16. That’s the only thing that you’ll have to do for setup, most times, on the main keypad. All other keypads, 17-23, will have to have the address set in the keypad and also turned on in panel programming. 

You can use any combination of the Honeywell hardwired keypads with the Vista line of alarm systems. Keypads that can be used include the 6150 fixed english keypad, the 6160 alpha numeric keypad, the 6160RF alpha numeric keypad with built-in wireless receiver, the 6160V alpha numeric keypad with voice, the 6280 color touchscreen keypad and, finally, the Honeywell Tuxedo keypad with built-in Z-Wave controller.

All of these keypads can be used in conjunction with each other on the same system. The only thing to point out is that if you’re using a 6160RF with the Honeywell receiver built-in then you will not be able to use another 6160RF on the same system.