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Honeywell Resideo PROSeries Wireless Alarm System

Honeywell Resideo PROSeries Wireless Alarm System

The latest and greatest alarm system from Honeywell Home and Resideo, the ProSeries panel, offers many modern features in a reasonably priced package. The PROA7 and  PROA7PLUS are self-contained wireless alarm system with a 7" touchscreen display. Featuring the new PROSIX wireless technology will give you the comfort of having highly encrypted wireless devices on your home security system. The system itself has 2 possible methods of communication for Alarm Monitoring, or for interactive app usage through Total Connect. The PROSeries panel also allows z-wave accessibility for those who enjoy the automation of smart devices. Check out the system below, we're sure you won't be disappointed.

NOTE: This is a newer system so we are still adding all of the components as we have time. If you are interested in purchasing this system and need help figuring out what is available for it, please send us a chat and we'll get you taken care of. 

More About Honeywell Resideo PROSeries Wireless Alarm System

The PROA7 and PROA7PLUS Alarm Systems are fantastic all-wireless systems that are easy to install and program. Offering the new PROSIX wireless from Honeywell Home / Resideo, which features a reliable 300ft of range, and highly encrypted signal transfer to the panel. Allowing up to 96 total user codes, across 4 partitions, the PROA7 and PROA7PLUS can cover almost any security application required of it. Both the  PROA7 and PROA7PLUS also allows up to 250 total security sensors to be enrolled in the system. 127 of these can be covered by the new PROSIX wireless, and the remaining 123 slots can be used by the PROTAKEOVER module. The PROTAKEOVER allows the system to use legacy wireless devices from most other manufacturers. This means if you have a previous system you are replacing, you'll be able to incorporate your older wireless sensors with the new panel, saving you time and money. Unlike the PROA7, the PROA7PLUS is also equipped with a Wifi/Z-wave card out of the box giving you both a communication option as well as smart device connectivity. Initially, the wifi can be used for panel updates, and Z-wave devices can be controlled at the panel. To fully utilize these features though, the Total Connect service will be required for communication and automation purposes. 

Honeywell Home, soon to be branded as Resideo on security devices, also created the new PROSIX wireless line of sensors and devices. These PROSIX sensors offer a wide variety of sensors, from standard door/window devices to combination smoke and CO detectors. These sensors come with an increased range, up to 300ft, over the older 5800 series wireless devices, as well as a repeater for those who have larger homes. Most of the PROSIX sensors have multiple color replaceable covers as well, so you can choose the style that fits your inner interior decorator. Another great feature of the new PROSIX sensors is that they come equipped with 128-bit AES encryption to ensure constant proper signal transmission. 

Although the PROA7PLUS does come with the Wifi/Z-wave card already installed there are other modules that can be used with it as well as the PROA7. This includes easy-to-install cellular cards, a hardwired-to-wireless translator, the PROTAKEOVER module mentioned above, as well as a repeater for an increased range to the sensors. The cellular module, the PROLTE-A for ATT, or the PROLTE-V for Verizon, gives you a second communication path for transmitting alarm signals. While Wifi is a great wireless communication method, having both Cellular and Wifi capability ensures that no matter the conditions, your signals will make it through since they are constantly backing each other up. The PROSIXC2W hardwired-to-wireless translator, allows the PROSeries panel to use existing wired sensors you may have. Essentially, the hardwired translator connects to the panel using the new SIX technology while the wires are run to the translator. Another handy module is the PROTAKEOVER card. This allows the use of wireless devices that run on 319.5 MHz, 345 MHz, or the 433 MHz sensors that may have been installed for a previous wireless system. To top it all off, if any of your wireless devices are out of range of the panel, the PROSIXRPTR can effectively double the range of your wireless signaling. All of these modules are very easy to install making it even better for DIYers to customize their panel the way they want.