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Honeywell Lynx Touch L5210

Honeywell Lynx Touch L5210

The new Honeywell Lynx Touch L5210 wireless security system has a new look over the older L5200. It has a full-color 4.3" touchscreen and a redesigned front panel with two soft keys. With a resolution of 470 x 256 pixels, 16.7 million colors and intuitive icons for navigation; this is one of the easiest panels on the market to use and setup.

The Lynx L5210 is capable of using up to 64 individual wireless devices and has add-ons that allow you to use Z-Wave home autmation devices. You can also have the panel communicate to a central station monitoring service by phone line with the built-in dialer or add either a GSM cellular communicator or WIFI internet communicator as well.

More About Honeywell Lynx Touch L5210

The Lynx Touch L5210 is the latest iteration of Honeywell’s original Lynx Touch panel that started with the L5000. The L5210 is an all-in-one wireless panel, like all of the Lynx panels. It has a 4.3 inch resistive touchscreen with a 470 x 256 pixel resolution. The user interface that Honeywell has put at your fingertips is very intuitive and features large icons and font to make it accessible to as many people as possible. The intuitive, menu-driven user interface extends to programming as well, making the Lynx Touch L5210 one of the easier alarm systems to program. Honeywell also added 2 buttons to the front as shortcuts to improve the usability of the L5210 even more. First is the home key that will take the screen back to the main menu so that you do not need to press the back icon repeatedly to exit out of whatever menu you were in. The second is an emergency key that will pull up the panic icons for a quickly accessible alarm. The L5210 can also connect to one of Honeywell’s Total Connect IP cameras for local viewing directly on the panel’s screen. Another great feature that Honeywell has packed into this panel is a family message center where custom messages can be recorded and listened to later. The panel has a few different arming options beyond arming in stay and away modes that are easily navigated to as well. There is a silent exit option that will allow you to arm the system without using an audible exit delay warning so that you do not disturb others. Additionally there is a night stay arming mode that can actually activate things like motion detectors that are normally disabled in stay mode. For instance if the bedrooms are upstairs and your motion detectors are only on the ground floor, you can use night stay mode to activate the motions on the ground floor.

There is an 85 decibel siren that is also included in the L5210 panel. For many people and locations this may not be enough of an output, whether that’s because you have a larger home/business or you would like to add an outdoor siren or any other reason. Honeywell has a wireless indoor siren that will actually plug into an outlet called the 5800WAVE. The 5800WAVE provides a 95 decibel tone and has a built-in backup battery. If this still is not enough for you, we carry a power supply add-on kit. The kit comes with the Honeywell 12612, a BD412 backup battery, a PTC1640 power transformer, and a cabinet to store it in. There is also an option to add a relay, which you will need the Altronix ultra-sensitive relay. The relay would then need to be connected to one of the outputs on the Lynx Touch L5210 and the 12612 power supply. From there the 12612 will provide 1.2 amps of power to run sirens on.

The Lynx Touch L5210 can also be upgraded to have Z-Wave connectivity using the Z-Wave Control Communication Module. The Z-Wave module will snap onto the board inside the panel. This will allow you to connect 40 devices such as thermostats, outlets, and lights. Locally on the panel you can set up to 20 each of rules, scenes, and schedules to customize how the Z-Wave devices are automated. You can set up scenes for things like leaving the home and arriving at the home that will set devices to preprogrammed settings when activated. You can then set rules for when those scenes are automatically activated such as arming in away mode or disarming the system. Honeywell also offers their Total Connect service that has many great features including being able to control connected Z-Wave devices remotely. We provide 4 kits with the Honeywell Lynx Touch L5210 to provide you with different starting points depending on your needs. The first kit provides the base for all the other kits. It has the Lynx Touch L5210 all-in-one panel. Honeywell includes the user and installation guides for the L5210. With that it comes with the 9VAC power transformer that will change the 110VAC coming from your wall outlet down to 9VAC that is useable by the panel. The kit has the backup battery that will provide power for the L5210 in the event of a power outage. The final item in kit 1 is 4 alarm warning decals to warn potential burglars of the alarm system so that it may act as a deterrent.

Honeywell Lynx Touch L5210 Kit 2 has everything that Kit 1 comes with. In addition the second kit has three wireless sensors. The kit has two of the Honeywell 5816 wireless door and window contacts. While these work great to secure a single window or door they do have a very often overlooked feature: hardwired zone terminals. You can actually wire a standard hardwired sensor to the terminals on the 5816 and they will act as another wireless zone. The third sensor is a 5800PIR-RES motion detector. This motion detector can sense movement in a 35 foot by 40 foot area and features pet immunity for pets up to about 80 pounds.

Honeywell Lynx Touch L5210 Kit 3 also comes with a RJ31X telephone jack and cord set and a 5834-4 wireless keychain remote. The telephone jack and cord set is a tool to help you connect the dialer to a phone line and actually seize the telephone line so that no other phones can interfere with alarm communication. The 5834-4 is another great device that adds to the convenience of the day to day use of the L5210. It is a wireless key that has 4 buttons that allow you to remotely arm in stay or away, disarm, and set off a panic alarm. The panic button has a 2 second delay to help avoid accidentally setting off false alarms.

The Lynx Touch L5210 Kit 4 contains all of the previously mentioned components: L5210 panel and instructions, power transformer, backup battery, alarm warning window decals, 5800PIR-RES motion detector, RJ31X telephone jack and cord set, and 5834-4 keyfob. The kit also includes 5816 door/window contacts, but instead of the 2 sensors that are included in the previous kit; it has an additional 5816 for a total of 3.

Note: Kits are specially priced and individual kit pieces may not be returned for refund.