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Honeywell Lynx Plus Kits

Honeywell Lynx Plus Kits

The Lynx Plus is Honeywell's entry level basic no frills wireless alarm system. The Lynx Plus is smaller in size than the previous generation in this line and offers a number of improvements and additional features over the previous version Lynx R2. 
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Honeywell Lynx Plus Basic - L3000
Honeywell Lynx Plus Kit 2 - L3000
Honeywell Lynx Plus Kit 3- L3000
Honeywell Lynx Plus Kit 4 - L3000
Honeywell Lynx Plus Kit 5 - L3000
Honeywell Lynx Plus L3000 Desktop Mount

More About Honeywell Lynx Plus Kits

Honeywell’s Lynx line features all-in-one wireless panels that are great for a range of residential applications and are very DIY friendly. The Lynx Plus L3000 has the least bells and whistles out of the Lynx family of products that we carry, but it is still a very capable system that is a great economical choice for an all wireless home alarm system. Since it is a self-contained alarm system, it has all its basic components packed into the main panel. The Lynx L3000 is 8.8 inches wide by 6.8 inches tall by 1.9 inches deep. The front has the keypad and display. The display has 2 lines and 16 characters per line that is a customizable alphanumeric read out. The L3000 has a wireless receiver that is compatible with all Honeywell 5800 line of wireless devices. The receiver can handle up to 40 wireless zones. It is also compatible with two-way devices like the 5828V wireless keypad with voice annunciation. It has a built-in siren that is loud enough for a small to medium sized home. If you need an extra siren, indoors or outdoors, the L3000 also has a 120mA bell output that can power a low current siren. As an alternative if you want to drive a more powerful siren, you can use an Elk 912 relay off the bell output to control a Honeywell 12612 power supply module that can power a siren or multiple sirens with up to 1.2 amps. The 12612 will need a power transformer (PTC1640) and a backup battery (BD412). The L3000 also has voice annunciation. It has preprogrammed words that allow you to pick from a number of common words to name your zones so that the panel can announce them with the prerecorded voice. You can also utilize different chime settings for a customized experience.

The Honeywell Lynx Plus L3000 comes packaged into five kits. The first kit is just the basics and is the base for all the other kits. It comes with the Lynx Plus L3000 main control panel. The kit also has the 9VAC power transformer to provide power from a standard wall outlet. There is also an optional 25 foot wire to run from the power transformer to the L3000 panel that can be added on for an additional fee. It has the backup battery pack that provides a few hours of power in the event that the AC power is lost. Honeywell’s Lynx Plus User Guide and Programming Guide are also included. To supplement those, we have written a Lynx Plus Quick Start Guide. It will take you through the basics of programming the system and includes all the information that most installations will require. Finally we through in 4 alarm warning decals that you can put on windows and doors to help deter any would be intruders before they even attempt to gain access.

The Lynx Plus L3000 Kit 2 comes with all the components of Kit 1. On top of that, Honeywell has added in 2 different kinds of common wireless sensors: a 5800PIR-RES wireless motion detector and two of the 5816 door and window contacts. The 5800PIR-RES is Honeywell’s standard wireless motion detector. It has pet immunity for pets up to 80 pounds so that your pet can walk around the house while armed in away mode. The motion detector has a detection pattern that covers a 35 foot by 40 foot area. The 5816 is another standard of Honeywell’s line of 5800 wireless components. It is a wireless door and window contact, but on top of that it has terminals for a hardwired device input. This can help reduce costs by allowing you to install an inexpensive hardwired door and window contact nearby and cover two openings with one wireless sensor.

The third kit for the L3000 has everything that the second kit has plus two additional components. The first is a RJ31X telephone jack and cord set. This will aid you in connecting the L3000’s built-in phone dialer to your home’s phone line. The second item is the 5834-4 wireless keychain remote. The 5834-4 is a four button and function remote. It can arm stay, arm away, disarm, and set off a panic alarm. This makes controlling your alarm system even more convenient.

The Lynx Plus L3000 Kit 4 is very similar to Kit 3. It has the L3000, power transformer, backup battery, User Guide, Programming Guide, alarm warning decals, 5800PIR-RES, 5834-4, RJ31X telephone jack and cord set, and the 5816 contacts. The only difference is that it has 3 of the 5816’s instead of the 2 that come in the previous kit.

Finally, Kit 5 is also nearly identical to the L3000 Kit 3. However, this kit comes with a GSMVLP4G cellular communicator. It can communicate on 3G or 4G networks, giving it flexibility to ensure network compatibility. The communicator has all the capabilities you would look for including: two-way voice and Total Connect.

Note: Kits are specially priced and individual kit pieces may not be returned for refund.