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Have you ever wanted all the features of a central station monitoring service but wanted to do it on your own without paying the exorbitant fees associated with such a service? Then the IP BAT is for you! The IP BAT Broadband Alarm Communicator by IPDatatel is the latest in self-monitoring technology. The module is a little bigger than a credit card and packs all the power of a central station service. There is a small monthly fee for using it, most of the time it’s under $10, but you get a lot of very cool features for that small monthly fee.

Some of those features include a internet based interface that has a built in virtual keypad, the ability to set up a contact list, remote event log checking, set custom user names to user codes, and the ability to have messages sent to anyone on your contact list by either a phone call, text message, email, or all three at once.

The other great thing about this module is that if you decide to have central station monitoring, you can and you will most likely only get charged for land line monitoring because the server makes the call as if it were from a land line phone. The installation of the BAT is very simple. I connected it to the keybus terminals on a Vista 20P and then ran an Ethernet cable to my router. I then entered into programming in the alarm panel and input changes in the five sections that it told me to change. This is all it took, besides having it activated, to get the BAT up and running.

These units are compatible with Honeywell and DSC wired systems, but IPDatatel is coming out very soon with updated units that will work with some wireless systems also. You can check out what systems the IP BAT is compatible with HERE! This is the neatest add on to an alarm system that I have seen in a long time. Thanks to IPDatatel for making something that takes self-monitoring to a whole new level.

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