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 DSC Alexor Wireless Alarm System The DSC Alexor is the newest completely wireless system out on the market. The DSC Alexor is the only wireless system on the market today that has the main brain (control panel) separated from the Keypad. This feature makes this system the most secure system out on the market today. Why you ask? Now you don’t have to worry about purchasing a second keypad just so that you can hide your main system.

The DSC Alexor is the only wireless alarm system on the market that has a wireless indoor/outdoor siren with a built in strobe and temperature sensor. This makes things a lot easier for people who want a loud system. On any other wireless alarm system to reach the decibels this outdoor siren reaches you would have to add additional power supply and wire it back to the system or add a low-current draw wired siren.

The DSC Alexor has the capability to support 32 wireless zones. The definition of a zone on an alarm system is a door/window contact, a motion, a glass break, and other components are their own zone. This system also has the capability to use up to 4 additional wireless sirens be it the WT4901 2-Way Indoor wireless siren or the WT4911B indoor/outdoor wireless siren. You can do a combination of the two just not to exceed four total sirens. The DSC Alexor is very easy to program and easy to install. This system works well in homes or businesses.

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