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Business guru and life coach Brian Tracy once said, “Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it.” The common dictionary definition of “peace of mind” is the absence of mental stress and anxiety. It can also denote a state of quietness and tranquility.

If there is one thing you can offer yourself and your family, it ensuring your home safety. FBI data shows that more than 1.5 million property crimes in the US, including domestic burglaries, were recorded across the country in 2014. Homeowners in Europe have also faced an increase in forcible entry to dwellings. The crime rate jumped by 14% in the European Union.

Protect your valuables from burglary
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If you think that you’re saving money by neglecting your home security system, you better think again. You are putting yourself, your loved ones and your valuables at great risk. This, however, does not mean that you’d have to break the bank to install top-of-the-line security alarms or expensive surveillance cameras. There are security systems fit for your budget, including DIY home security kits.

Aside from freeing yourself from stress and anxiety, a security system can also help you save money. Here are nine ways on how a home security system can you save money.

Protect your valuables from burglary

The primary reason why you should be getting home security alarms is to prevent stolen and damaged property. Not having adequate protection puts your valuables at risk, and this risk can cost you thousands of dollars. In 2014, Americans suffered $14.3 billion estimated loss from property crimes.

Prevent property damage from environmental hazards

Compared to burglary crimes, the loss is greater in magnitude and value when natural disasters such as typhoons and hurricanes, and accidents happen. Hurricane Sandy, which struck the US in October 2012, resulted to nearly $18.8 billion in insured property losses. Flooding, a more common occurrence, can cost a household $20,920 in losses.

Home security systems have the capability to detect things like water leaks that can help you mitigate the damages and danger that may occur. You can also install DIY alarms and accessories that will alert you during fire and gas leakage.

Cut your electricity consumption

Cut your electricity consumption

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Yes, you read that right. One of the most effective tips on saving energy at home is installing a home security system. You may install equipment that will only work when needed. A program-enabled thermostat will turn on when the security system is armed and turn back to normal when disarmed. There are alarm systems with energy-saving features. Check out motion sensing lighting that you can mount on your lawn to discourage intruders. Don’t worry about leaving your home evidently unoccupied. You can get LED bulbs that you can switch on and off anywhere using your smartphone.

Reduce your water bill Save on your water bill by preventing leakage from pipes and water heaters. When you visit a hardware store, ask about battery-operated water leak detectors, moisture sensors and other helpful tips to lessen bills at home.

Save on pet sitting services Save on pet sitting services

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Thanks to advances in technology, you now have the power to look after your home and your house pets wherever you may be. One of the most innovative tips for saving with home security systems is to use wireless security cameras in various parts of your house. You can get a basic surveillance camera for less than $15 or a high-end equipment for $100 and above. Today, you can monitor your pets real-time via the Internet from your office.

Qualify for homeowner’s insurance discounts

Home insurers are in the business of risk management. This risk is meticulously calculated. The Insurance Information Institute advises that improving your home security can qualify you for 5 to 20% discounts in premiums. Choosing top brands for home security alarms does not necessarily ensure better safety. It is advisable to ask your insurer the kind of security system they recommend.

Avoid unnecessary medical expenses

According to the US Bureau of Justice, a household member is at home in 30% of domestic burglaries. The threats of this property crime go beyond loss and damage to belongings. Secure your home by installing alarm systems for the best prices to ensure the safety of your family. Know about DIY home security systems such as automated alarms, wireless cameras and motion sensors.

Not only will you be saving on possible medical expenses from an untoward incident, you will also avoid the unquantifiable psychological and emotional harm that a crime may do to you and your loved ones.

Prevent a burglary recurrence, save on costs

There are a lot of novel ways to save money with a home security system. Safeguard your finances by preventing a recurrence of a domestic burglary. The Tasmania Police Service in Australia warns that burglars may try to attack a home within less than two months of the first burglary. The authorities say that criminals think that stolen properties may have been replaced by insurance. Installing DIY alarm systems and regularly updating your equipment can go a long way.

Attain peace of mind and be productive Attain peace of mind

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The British Psychological Society highlights a compelling reason why having a home security system is imperative: burglaries can damage your mental health. In a recent study, researchers found that 25% of victims of domestic burglary suffered anxiety and depression after the incident. Professor Paula Nicolson from the University of London remarked that while burglary is frequently regarded as a minor crime, “psychologically and emotionally the experience of being burgled is likely to have a severe emotional outcome for many victims who were, up to then, leading ordinary lives.”

Home security should be non-negotiable. More than the financial impact of a crime, the traumatic experience causes irreparable damages to individuals. With the high demand for alarm systems, you have a wide array of options that can suit your needs and budget. You don’t have to splurge on the latest technologies. Ask a security expert for tactics in effectively securing your home and for tips on saving money with a home security system. Remember that nothing is worth more than peace of mind and a good night’s sleep.

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