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Budget is the the first thing people consider when choosing the “right type” of home security system to invest in. Every homeowner considers practicality and quality for every single purchase especially when their family’s safety is on the line. Having these things to consider makes you a smart buyer but does not make it any easier. Are you even familiar with quality home security brands? The numerous styles, packages, features, and equipment can be overwhelming: wireless alarm sensors, surveillance cameras and entry alarms among others. explains that in most households, the average cost of installing a security system is $652 to $952. Apparently, all these considerations come with a price difference and will vary not only with the security it could provide your home but your preference of devices too.

Here are types of security systems and installations you may need to look into:

1. Unmonitored Security System

Unmonitored home security systems can be considered as one of the household favorite in the market today. When the alarm is tripped, it makes a loud noise which alerts the neighborhood. It is considered unmonitored because it is not linked to a call center which will alert neither the owner nor the police of the current burglary. Also known as local home security systems, this household security system will not require any expertise and you may have these equipments installed on your own.

2. Professionally-monitored Security System

Monitored systems offer the most protection available for your home with the 24/7 monitoring of your home. These monitored home security systems just require a recurring fee. Apart from buying the equipment, you are also required to pay a monthly fee for the monitoring which may normally cost you $20 to as much as $40 every month. At, it’s offered wholesale at $8.95 a month.

3. Self-monitored Alarm System

Other modern systems allow homeowners to access their surveillance cameras online or with their cell phone anywhere at any time--- these are called Self Monitored. More often than not, this means that your alarm system may be connected to your mobile device or tablet so you can get notifications if in case something triggered your motion detector at home. If you want to receive an SMS notification, you’ll be needing an additional piece of hardware which costs roughly between $100 to $200 extra. *All systems from are capable of being monitored.  

Another aspect that requires decision-making is whether you’ll opt for hard-wired, wireless security systems, or both:

1. Hardwired Security Systems

These systems may be time-consuming because of the work it requires to hide and install new wires behind walls. Hardwired alarm systems use wires hidden in the walls such as hardwired driveway entry alarms which costs $150-500 for garage driveways and hardwired sensor detectors that include motion detectors($15-200), smoke sensors($40-90), and door or window contacts ($5-40). This system is hooked up to the home electrical wiring and to a generator in case of power outages. Unlike wireless systems which you could install on your own, hard-wired systems may require contractors and experts for installations and maintenance.

2. Wireless Home Security Systems

Wireless systems are battery-powered composed of various devices such as wireless surveillance cameras, wireless alarm sensors, motion detectors, sirens, access controls, smoke and fire detectors, keypads, and even video displays. Normally, wireless systems cost around $100 to just over $500. These wireless components could be installed separately depending on your choice and depending on the budget you have at that moment. As such, you could stretch your budget for a do-it-yourself type of installation. If you are thinking of installing a security system in your own unit alone, wireless systems are the most convenient since you could take the system with you as you move to different homes.

3.Hardwired/Wireless Hybrid

The hardwired/wireless hybrid system is the most popular these days. It’s a great option if your can run cables throughout the parts of the home you want to keep secured. But if by any chance you can’t work with any more wires, it still lets you install wireless security components.


After considering the various types of security systems, budgeting also requires that you identify which brands provide the most value to your money. After all, you wouldn’t want to exhaust your resources finding out too late that your repair maintenance costs way more. For starters, take a peek into DSC Brand and Honeywell Security:

DSC Power Series NEO

dsc power  series neo hs32119CP01
Say hello to the next generation of alarm systems!


Carrying a comprehensive product line, this DSC security system series offers flexible scalability and a number of expansion opportunities. The innovative technology of Power-G Technologies also provides you ultimate reliability. Its board and cabinet combo ranges from $59.78 to $219.96. All you’re left to do now is to choose which DSC NEO kit works for you.

Honeywell Lynx Touch 5200 Kits

honeywell lynx touch 5200


This is an entry level touchscreen wireless alarm system, known for its convenience in setting up and daily usage and maintenance. Very advanced capabilities such as Z wave home automation control of devices makes your purchase worth every penny. Valued at $112 to $304 you can now choose from different kits and even have it pre-programmed before shipping.


Doing-It-Yourself makes all the difference. You don’t “exactly” have to be like Fix-it Felix and the gang. Being yourself, trying to find ways, and creating solutions to have a more secured home will do. It’s a good thing most companies nowadays offer DIY alarm system starter kits for every homeowner to feel the benefits of having automated security. Over time, this could be upgraded with additional devices for better security. Most starter kits include motion and fire detectors, window and door transistors, surveillance cameras, and intercom systems. If you don’t feel confident just yet, Alarm System Store offers a pre-programming service for homeowners who do not have the time or the technical know-how to program their alarm system devices. The company provides the option to have the system pre-programmed according to your needs before shipping it to you.


We are lucky to be living in this day and age as resources come easily and our attempts to become our own handyman is just a few clicks away. With the power of the internet, more and more household resort to shopping alarm systems online as it saves a lot of time and effort than going to a store. You even save more money as you won’t need to shell out on transportation cost. Online websites give full details of the equipment and you may also ask for a few quotes from various websites to give you details on their packages and rates.

Read reviews and ask around to gather feedback and know which installer and security company to trust. Before giving away your account number for the final purchase, make sure to read every line of the contract of agreement. Always ask all the involved costs, particularly if extra equipment is needed and the monthly payments that had to be made. It’s true. Home security or alarm systems cover a variety of high technology gadgets and devices. With all the brands, controls, sensors, monitoring screens, and different types of surveillance cameras out there, its hard to say you’ll have an easy time.

When in doubt, just put this in mind; these alarm systems cater to your family’s safety and greatly improves household security all over the world. Despite all controversies, added protection and security that comes with a price will be the least of your worries especially when you realize that what you’ll get is what you deserve.

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