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There are a lot of things we take for granted, things we leave to chance. Unfortunately, one of them is security and home safety. You convince yourself: “What are the chances that my house gets robbed?” After all, you have been living in the same house and in the same community for so long and nothing close to burglary has happened yet. Case closed.
Not so fast. Millions of homes fall to burglars every year. In the United States, burglaries happen every 13 seconds. Despite this alarming statistic, only 14% have a home security system. That’s a really slim number considering that a study by the Alarm Industry Research and Education Foundation cited how alarm systems deters burglars. Only one in ten burglars would continue an attempt despite the presence of an alarm, the rest would just flee and seek another target. Most of them would not even dare disable an alarm.
Around 60% of burglary victims after the incident never feel safe in their homes again according to a survey by Mirror. It takes months before a level of normalcy is reached; sometimes, never. No one wants to feel this way, especially about their homes, which is supposed to be their sanctuary, the safest place on earth. Is your home your very own refuge, too? Or you’re still not convinced that you need to guard it with all that you have? Let us help you decide. Here is a list of different types of homeowners who must consider buying an alarm system. Check to see if you belong in any of the groups.

Home Alone and Always Out

The horrors of being home alone are for real. Living alone has its perks, such as independence, but it also has serious security challenges. If you live alone, even if you are a bulky, well-trained guy, you have to consider being an alarm system consumer. You are probably the type that never forgets to lock the doors, careful of who you let inside the house and friendly with neighbors. But unfortunately, that’s not enough. If you are the type that is perennially out, early to work and late to go home, you should really invest in home security. It’s easy for burglars to find out what your daily schedule is: what time you leave home and what time you come back.
Burglars do some tracking, too, and if your daily routine is easy to plot, you become an easy target. Disrupt the burglar once in awhile and break your pattern when possible. Picking up your mail at different times and dropping by your place when you should be in the office are just a few easy tricks. If you live alone and are always in a hurry to leave home, it helps if you’ve got security gadgets to control things around the house. Many modern security systems now come with a home automation feature that will allow you to lock the doors, turn on the lights, switch off appliances that are not in use, and control thermostat wherever you are.

If You Have a Kid

Priorities change when you have kids. Suddenly, parental instincts tell you to be more protective. If you have any kids, an alarm monitoring system will help keep feel safe. Burglars aren’t going to care who they steal from. If they see a home as an easy and valuable target, they will even steal from children. It’s not enough that someone is home to watch over your kid while you are at work; you always have to know what is happening at home: is your kid asleep, has he eaten, is the nanny watching him, is he okay? Modern security systems today can do more than just set off alarms. Many people who buy alarm systems these days find it worth their money to purchase systems that let them monitor and control their homes remotely.

When a Senior Citizen Is Home

The second half of 2015 was particularly challenging for the police in Northern Ireland. Callous burglars were raiding homes of people over the age of 60. It appears that burglars like taking their valuables, which are considered antiques, such as jewelries. Just like kids, elders are seen as a weakness, but with more valuables. Seniors are not likely to fight back and easy to scare. Improve safety for seniors by buying an alarm system. Light the way for them with automated lights that turn on when they enter a room. Our seniors are also prone to accidents and health emergencies so it is also good to have wellness features for their alarm systems as well.

A Business Owner 

They say that business owners have to be hands on. Wherever they are, they have to know what’s happening in their establishments. Business alarm systems will definitely help business owners with that. If you want to monitor customer traffic and what your employees are doing at any given time, you should buy those modern alarm systems that let you view camera feeds and send you notifications. A business establishment is just like a home, it is your life’s investment, and you shouldn’t let it fall in the hands of cold-hearted criminals.

Did you fit in any of these categories? Do you live alone, a woman, living with kids or seniors or are you a business owner? Are you always out of the house? If you think you don’t need a security system set up in your home, think again. If you think that it’s way expensive, then we’ve done the research for budget-friendly alarm systems for you already. It’s a really small price to pay for ensured safety and peace of mind.

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