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One of the best feelings in life is to spend time with people you love. Going out for a vacation is always a great opportunity to have quality time with your family. Your bag is jampacked with clothes and food, the car is ready, and the kids are all set for your weekend vacation. They happily ride the car as you go around for last-minute checks around the house; checking if the windows are closed, main doors are locked and if alarm systems are in place and in good condition. You start to drive the car away from your garage and head on to the beach. As you continue to drive, you can’t help but think if your house is really safe. You brush off the negative situations that might occur which are forming in your mind and just focus on the vacation itself. But still, it’s as if you want to drive back to your house just to make sure - one last time. Feeling safe and secured nowadays goes along with the ability to check your home or your property remotely. It helps you to be updated of what’s happening in your home, even if you are outside—working, playing or doing the stuff that you love with your family. But how exactly do you setup your security system in place? Thanks to the power of the internet, you can easily achieve it together with your reliable access controls and network surveillance camera systems. Being able to remotely monitor even when you’re on-the-go can make your home security up a notch higher for a complete home and property protection.

Stop, Lock and Listen

Aside from windows and driveways as usual entry points of burglars, they always target the main doors when breaking through a property, specifically homes. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) published in their 2012 Uniform Crime Reports that 74.5% of burglaries are home burglaries with 39.5% of it happening at day time. Another important thing to note is that 34% of burglars enter through the main door. Considering this figures, you might want to double check on your main door lock to combat those first steps of burglars. 

A great help for your remote home monitoring activities is by installing a smartcode deadbolt lock in your main doors. Creating a unique entry code for your main door allows only you or your wife to gain entry access, thus reducing the chances of a burglar easily entering your house. You might be busy at work, but having this deadbolt lock enables you to stop and allot a few minutes to check your home’s status through the text and e-mail notifications of each person who goes in and out of your house. Not only that, you also avoid the risk of fire fatalities occurring due to locked doors. The September 2011 U.S. Fire Administration Topical Fire Research Series reports that 18% of total fire deaths from 2007-2009 are due to escape problems and locked doors. You don’t even need to worry of your family being included in those figures if ever a fire incident happens. This is because you can remotely lock or unlock your main door through a web interface in your smartphone should a fire incident arise and you are outside of your home.

Watch Your Back(yard)

Burglars are also likely to attack your home from behind by accessing your backyard. Most of the time, burglars feel more confident to rob you if they see from afar that you don’t have any security item in place outside of your home. Don’t make the mistake of setting your security system in place inside your house but neglecting setting up one to monitor your outdoor spaces. The next question that you might be asking is this: How do I remotely monitor my backyard for possible burglar breakouts?

One common solution for this is by installing an outdoor network IP surveillance camera. Monitoring your home’s backyard and other properties remotely through a live video feed is the best way to secure the safety of your hard-earned investments and loved ones from burglaries. With the recent advancements in the internet, a single click from your smartphone or office PC can enable you to see what’s happening outside of your home even though you are enjoying a stroll in the park or enjoying a family vacation at the beach.

Alarm System Store has a reliable network IP camera that can help you be alerted on what’s happening in your house even though you are away from it. Compared to traditional closed circuit systems, network IP cameras help you save money since you need not install a monitor since images can be seen in the internet via your office PC or smartphone. Another important thing to consider when choosing outdoor surveillance cameras is their ability to stand different weather conditions such as snow or rain. You don’t want to give the burglar a chance to get pass through your defective cameras due to strong weather conditions.

Always On-The-Go, Always Monitored


Of course, your best remote monitoring system should be implemented inside your house; where all your valuable stuff and valued people are located. On top of the above mentioned security tips, it is best to go full blast with your remote monitoring inside the house with strong network surveillance camera systems installed around the house. This way, you’ll be having additional eyes on each corner of your house to monitor every move and every person that enters your house. Video footages are in fact, strong evidences against burglars that are being caught. Acquiring additional surveillance cameras makes you feel relieved that no single moment can escape your eye with regards to your remote home monitoring.


Install each network IP camera in key locations in your house for a more effective remote home monitoring. You can install one near the stairs, another in the kitchen, in the living room, or near the back door exit. Buying a camera kit instead of just purchasing a single camera unit for your entire house not only provides additional security, but also additional savings as well since you don’t have to buy them separately. IP cameras are also your best bet for remote accessibility since there is no limit on the number of cameras that you can install on your home IP surveillance network.

Reaping the Rewards of Home Monitoring

Nothing beats the feeling of being secured with your properties, especially your home. Along with the improved modern-day living of people, it feels much better to know that you can remotely monitor your home and hard-earned investments even when you are away, thanks to the technology at hand and the capabilities of security items. You can say goodbye to those uneasy feelings and be more focused on more important things in life especially with the people you love.

And more importantly, you are sure that you have a concrete legacy to pass on to your kids through your properties by being alerted of burglar activities. With the help of your trusted partner in protection, Alarm System Store is your best partner not just in protecting and ensuring that your properties are secured, but also in assuring you of your safety and that of your loved ones. Be connected with us through our friendly 24/7 live support and be updated of the latest security tips and products in monitoring and securing you and your family.

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