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It only takes a 6-second break-in for a burglar to steal from your home. Your main door may be locked and you may have security devices, but forgetting about securing your garage will leave your home vulnerable. Next to your main door, your garage is the place criminals will target to enter your home. Stop them in their tracks with these 7 devices for securing your garage door from burglary.

1. Install a Surveillance Camera

Surveillance cameras are great for home security because they act as a deterrent to criminals. The mere sight of a camera can be unnerving for many of them. It’s also an important device for garage security because it can help you and the authorities identify intruders who would attempt to enter your home.

When positioning security cameras, it’s best to place them somewhere visible yet oblique from entry points. Mount your cameras in a spot that the intruder will have to walk past. Moreover, you can consult your security service provider about live video arrangements.

2. Illuminate with Motion-Activated Lights

For brazen intruders, simply turning on fluorescent lights in your garage won't be enough. The light from flood lights activated by motion sensors are designed to cause panic to intruders and force them to flee. Bear in mind that there are many types of these lights to choose from. There are those that emit really bright lights, which is great for illuminating wide garage areas or driveways. There are also the lantern types suited for smaller spaces.

3. Accident-Proof with a Fire Alarm

with a fire alarm
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It’s not just burglaries that you must secure your house from. In the US alone, 60% of fire-related deaths are due to the absence of a functioning fire alarm. Because the garage is often the location where homeowners store electrical tools and flammable materials like wood and gasoline, it’s important that you are able to be alerted quickly of a fire. It is also important to be proactive by ensuring that flammable materials are stored in a safe way to help prevent a fire from ever starting.

When choosing the best fire alarm, consider getting one that can detect carbon monoxide. This is a vital feature because smoke and toxic fumes spread faster than flames. They can also be lethal especially to young and senior members of your family. Choose home alarm system parts and devices with sirens and speakers to amplify alerts too.

4. Add Security with a Deadbolt Lock

Locking our doors is a basic security measure we should all bear in mind. However, if the doors in your garage have spring locks, then it’s important that you consider replacing them with a deadbolt. Garage door security must include deadbolt locks to avoid making your garage an easy target for burglars. Unlike spring locks, a deadbolt has a locking mechanism that makes it difficult for intruders to pry open. Having a deadbolt on the door to your house and garage will increase the security of your home.

5. Make Security Easy with Automatic Garage Opener

automatic garage opener
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Modern garage security systems usually come with automatic garage door openers. Secure automated garage doors feature unique code technology that makes it hard for burglars to hack and easy for family members to access.

There’s also the brilliant feature of a 4-button key ring remote on devices such as 2Gig Technologies Garage Door Receiver that allows you to open and close your garage door just as it allows you to arm and disarm your wireless alarm system. This type of remote is one of the smartest security devices that allows you to provide your family and any member of the household with their own remote and a unique code.

6. Add a Paging Alarm to Your Car

Burglars never shy away from big ticket items like your car. It’s important to consider adding extra protection of your prized possessions. This is on top of having garage door security sensors. You have to reinforce security with a two-way paging car alarm that can notify you whenever someone attempts to break into your car or if the alarm goes off. You can also consider having a GPS car alarm that can help you locate your car. Placing additional security devices for expensive items in your garage can give you a better handle at monitoring and controlling your garage security.

Knowing how to secure your garage empowers you to protect this vulnerable area from a host of threats, from burglaries to accidents. With the high crime rates and unpredictability of home accidents, securing your garage with these 7 devices is just what you need to significantly bolster your home security.

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