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You need to protect everything that you’ve got and have worked hard for — your family, your home, your business, and your valuables. And so, to make sure that you secure all of these, you install an alarm system and regularly maintain or upgrade it. However, what happens when actual cases of emergencies occur, triggering your alarm, but having no one — not even you — to respond to it? Will you just let such emergencies pass by without immediate action and aggravate the situation?

Disasters, whether natural or manmade, can strike anytime especially when you are not at home to monitor your alarm signals. Having an unmonitored alarm system is almost the same as having no such system at all. With this, it is urgent that everyone, especially those having second thoughts, to connect their security system to an alarm monitoring service. Finding one that will suit you is easy and convenient, whether you need phone, IP or cellular-based monitoring. Moreover, a monthly fee of as low as $8.95 is a small price to secure everything that matters the most to you.

Why Have Your Alarm System Monitored?

1. Avert Disasters and Minimize Losses

Face it: you won’t always be there to respond to the signals raised by your alarm system. Whether you are at work or on a vacation, you just cannot leave the entire work to your alarm system. Instead of praying that a good neighbor will contact the authorities once your alarm is triggered, take proactive steps so that emergencies can be responded to immediately. Remember, what happens in the next moments right after your alarm goes off is the most crucial determinant in averting or minimizing losses. Quick emergency response can prevent burglars from looting your entire home or business and from getting away. Fires can be put out before they turn your place into ashes. Elder members of your family can be given immediate medical attention in cases of slips, chest pains, and the like. Furthermore, you can add video monitoring for greater peace of mind as you can see real-time what happens in your premises.

2.Lower Your Home Insurance Costs

According to HomeAdvisor, you can offset the cost of your alarm monitoring service as insurance companies can slash as much as 20 percent off your home insurance. HomeAdvisor also said that homeowners and renters alike can benefit from such insurance companies. If you are a homeowner and have a mortgage, you can bundle the insurance with your loan or pay for it separately, depending on the insurance company. If you are a renter, you can opt for policies covering damage done to the property as well as to your valuables. To be sure, contact your insurance company so they can carefully assess what they can offer you.

Our Alarm Monitoring Service

To get the most out of your hard-earned money, it pays off to shop around and do your research on reputable service providers. Aside from reading online reviews, choose a reliable company that is backed by accreditations and certifications such as the Alarms System Store. Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, Alarm System Store provides 24-hour nationwide alarm monitoring service so you get covered anytime, anywhere you are. Based in North Carolina, our central monitoring station has been doing business for more than 35 years now. The said central station is listed under the UL, a worldwide not-for-profit organization that tests products and services to uphold excellent standards. Moreover, the station is recognized by the Central Station Alarm Association, which awarded it with a five diamond certification.

One Alarm Monitoring Company for Your Needs

For as low as $8.95 a month that is billed annually, our alarm monitoring service will cover all alarm signal types. This also includes fire, medical, and environmental signals at no extra cost — a perfect choice if you are concerned about family members or things like temperature and water alarms. We can service phone-based, IP-based, and cellular-based monitoring so you can stay on top of your security system no matter what your communication line is. If you want assurance through video streaming, you can add the video monitoring service. For greater convenience and mobility, we also provide Honeywell Total Connect, Connect 24, Connect 24 Interactive, Alarmnet, and Uplink services. We also do remote program communications on most DSC, GE and Ademco alarm systems. This service comes at no added cost as long as you have the code needed for programming or installation. Also, all our signals use a toll free line, further saving you money each time your system communicates with the central station.

A Value-for-Money Must-Have

An amount as small as $8.95 a month can already make a whole world of difference when it comes to boosting your alarm security system. If you have the money to spare for your daily dose of coffee or for your other indulgences, then you have the funds for the most important things that you need to secure. If you are still thinking twice about it, just try calculating how much your valuables are worth and how much you stand to lose in cases of emergencies. More so, think about the people that you need to protect and you will realize that a monthly fee of $8.95 is, indeed, worth it. As one satisfied customer, James Conaway of Scottsdale, AZ, said of his alarm monitoring service from the Alarm System Store: “Great service. Had it for years. Very responsive, I would recommend it.”

Better Safe than Sorry

Installing and keeping your alarm system in tip-top shape is only half the battle when it comes to protecting your home and business. Go the extra mile and do not leave things to chance. After all, your home and business security is your personal responsibility. Again, an alarm without anyone monitoring does you no good. Take control, secure peace of mind, and be covered 24/7 with alarm monitoring system from the Alarm System Store. At the end of the day, $8.95 a month is a small price to pay when it comes to securing the safety of the priceless things that you have.

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