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The LT Security IR Illuminator Lamp is a powerful way to extend any IR surveillance camera's night vision range! A lot of people aren't happy with just 30' of night vision that you get with standard IR surveillance cameras. If you mount your surveillance cameras to your house and you want to see the road at night, the road may be more than 30 feet away so you won't be able to catch details of any cars that may stop or pass by. The LT Security IR Illuminator Lamp will help you in this aspect.

This will extend the night range of your surveillance cameras up to 200 feet. It will light the night up with the cat's eye view of the surrounding area. With 196 IR LEDs this is a mighty addition to anyone's home security camera surveillance system. This lamp is IP66 water-resistant and will withstand most outside conditions. Not only can you use the IR illuminator lamp outdoors, but it is good for indoor use as well. so if you're in need of more night vision distance for your infrared surveillance cameras this would be a good buy for you.

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