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The Honeywell Tuxedo 6280i Talking Touch Screen Keypad is just another great product from Honeywell Security. The future of security begins here inside the TUXEDO!! The TUXEDO touch screen keypad can not only control your Vista series alarm system, but it can do a number of other cool things. The screen features a 16 million color display and has graphic icons that will let you integrate with Honeywell's Total Connect monitoring service.

You can also leave messages for family and friends via the built-in microphone, load video and pictures for slideshows. The keypad has a built in Z-Wave controller that you can use to control any of Z-Wave's full line of home automation products. You can control anything from door locks, lighting, blinds, etc. That way you can, if you have IP cameras and a Z-Wave door lock, look at your TUXEDO and see who's at the front door and unlock it for them right at your keypad!

As I mentioned in the above paragraph you can also use the Honeywell TUXEDO touch screen keypad to view up to 16 IP cameras that are connected on the same network as the TUXEDO. You can do single view or view four at a time. You don't have to use just Honeywell IP cameras either. The 6280i will let you view some IP cameras on your network. You can find a list of compatible IP cameras HERE. The keypad has an ethernet port on the back that you plug a LAN cable into and connect to your router. You can pull the local IP address of the TUXEDO up in any browser on any computer in the local network. Not only can you view the system on your local network, but with knowledge of port-forwarding you can also remotely view your keypad from another location besides your home. I love this keypad and would recommend it to anyone wanting to take their Honeywell alarm system to the next level.

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