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 Honeywell 5883H Wireless Tranceiver The Honeywell 5883H Wireless Tranceiver is for those who have alarm systems and have areas in their location that can't be easily wired. If you have a wired system and a finished home then this add-on can help you expand your systems capability greatly. The Ademco 5883H is a receiver and transmitter combined into one unit. Honeywell claims that this is a combination of the 5881ENH receiver and a 5800TM transmitter module.

In a manner it is but there is a difference. The 5883H not only can handle the wireless transmitters in the 5800 series but it also can handle the 5839 keypads and any other Honeywell wireless device that accepts a site ID from the 5883H. Most wireless devices work on an RF House Code from the Vista panels, but some require retrieving a site ID from the receiver. Honeywell's website site states the a 5883H is nothing more than the combination of a 5881ENH and a 5800TM. This is not the case however because using a 5881ENH and a 5800TM together is not enough for devices that require a site ID. The duo of the receiver and the transmitter will not provide devices with a site ID.

The 5883H is the only one that can. Also the 6160RF keypad, which Honeywell claims contains the same thing as a 5883H,  will only work with those devices that operate on RF house code and not with devices that accept a site ID. If you are looking for an all-in-one transceiver then the 5883H is for you!

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