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The Honeywell 5821 Wireless Temperature Sensor & Flood Detector is a new addition to our line up of Honeywell wireless products. This is very handy little unit that allows you to monitor the temperature in the location that you are using it in. It has five different temperature detection ranges and they are as follows:

• Cold Temperature Detector 45° F – When temperature drops below 45° F for >10 minutes

• Warm Temperature Detector 75° F – When temperature rises above 75° F for >10 minutes

• Hot Temperature Detector 95° F – When temperature rises above 95° F for >10 minutes

• Refrigerator Failure Detector 42° F – When temperature rises above 42° F for >30 minutes

• Freezer Failure Detector 10° F – When temperature rises above 10° F for >30 minutes

The Honeywell 5821 also has a remote temperature probe, the T280R, that you can wire into the 5821 that allows you to put the extension probe in a place like a freezer or refrigerator to monitor if the location has a temperature drop. Never lose food to spoilage from temperature failure again!! Not only can you monitor temperature with the Honeywell 5821, but you can, with the addition of the 470PB probe, use this to detect flood conditions in areas such as basements, bathrooms, and anywhere else that a flood condition could prove disastrous. A great add-on to your system!! Once again, Honeywell alarm systems are for just catching burglars anymore.

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