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Home security—can it get any better? With the endless news on high crime rates, smart consumers are on the lookout for ways to improve home safety and management.

Completely relying on authorities is insufficient. In fact, the police are trying to educate the public to be more proactive with home security. To better guard your home and loved ones from threats, the EnvisaLink 4 IP Communicator Security Interface Module provides novel solutions. Designed to power up self-monitoring and security system expansion, the Envisalink is proving to be a device worth your consideration. Learn more from this comprehensive review on EnvisaLink 4 and its five powerful features.

1. Easy Breezy Setup

Most consumers demand value for money in their purchases. Rightly so, especially in light of today’s economic challenges. Since many are looking for ways to do more with less, the concept of DIY has grown.

Wireless alarm systems are no exception to this trend. Smart consumers want an uncompromising security system that allows them to save time and money with DIY installation process. A top advantage of EnvisaLink 4 is that it is easy to install with a DIY alarm system. It’s quite amazing how a device that packs a strong punch in terms of powering up your security system requires little technicality to set up. This ease of use is aligned with the recent trend of technological advancements that appeal to smart consumers.

The EnvisaLink 4 fits like a glove on many DSC  and Honeywell alarm systems. Most of the work you’ll do is find a spot in your control panel box to fit the EnvisaLink 4 module and proceed with the streamlined installation process. Referring to the EnvisaLink 4 manual, you’d be able to easily follow the clear and non-technical instructions.

2. Little To No Programming for the EnvisaLink 4

Non-techies, this EnvisaLink 4 review has great news for you: setup is very simple. A four wire connection to the same terminals as your keypads and a standard ethernet cable to your router are the only hardwire connections required. On DSC PowerSeries alarm systems, no further programming is required. For Honeywell Vista alarm systems, there are a few programming steps that need to be followed. But EyezOn has laid out these steps in a clear and concise guide.

3. You’re the Boss with Remote Control and Access

Ponder this: the FBI estimates that in 2014 alone there have been alarming property crimes losses worth a staggering $14.3 billion. Given these crime rates, one of the fantastic benefits of EnvisaLink is it empowers you to take control of your security and safety. You can be your own boss when it comes to protecting your home and loved ones. While the police are there to serve and protect you, being proactive about your own security is your best defense against crimes and unfortunate events. And thanks to the lack of subscription required, the EnvisaLink helps make self-monitoring a viable option for those on a budget.

With a powerful TCP-IP based interface, the EnvisaLink 4 allows you to view the status of and have remote control access to your DSC alarm panel through the Internet and mobile devices. Your family can also enjoy the same access, so they can feel as empowered as you are.

4. Fully Upgradeable and Friendly with Other Devices

Home security is a fast-developing industry. It’s for this reason that you want a device that keeps up with rapid tech developments, just as it remains strong at its core in providing the best protection. The EnvisaLink 4 exhibits commitment to this.

Through its built in Third-Party Interface, it is fully upgradeable in combination with many other alarm system add-ons and home automation systems. It’s also friendly with devices that are linked to third-party apps used in Android and iPhone. Talk about working well with others!

Having add-ons to alarm systems is inevitable for many consumers who want to boost home security and smart living. With EnvisaLink 4, you can easily expand your system and get tailored solutions to many of your demanding needs. The evolving face of smart living appears so much more exciting yet accessible with a device like EnvisaLink 4 that provides a lot of expansion possibilities.

5. Real-time Secure Alerts Anywhere You Arereal time secure alerts

Photo courtesy of kpgolfpro via Pixabay

With the free EnvisAlerts service, you’re sure to have peace of mind anywhere you are. It’s a service that’s been enhanced and extended to let you have real-time and secure alerts whether you’re at work or on vacation. It gives you the capability of choosing an email or SMS to receive secure communication on the status of your security system devices, alarms, arms, disarms and more.

There’s no room for worry and ambiguity because you have a clear picture of your home status, alarm system accessories, false alarms and actual home security threat. For example, when a family member accidentally leaves a door open, you’ll be promptly alerted even if you’re on the other side of the world. This free service is a vital addition for round-the-clock home security.

Smart living today is almost inconceivable without taking seriously the necessity of improving home security. With the EnvisaLink 4, not only can you have a better home security that allows you to expand with top add-ons for your alarm system. Beyond security, you get to create a safe and optimal living space for you and your family.

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