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With the high crime incidence bringing worry to many homeowners, practical security gifts are becoming “it” items. Burglars are always on the prowl to ransack homes, prompting homeowners to be practical and consider home security devices as gift ideas for friends, neighbors, and loved ones.

Since everyone wants a safe and secure home, home security devices are some of the most practical gifts for homeowners. In addition to your peace of mind, home security presents are great because they’re easy to use and are beneficial all year round! If you’re still looking for a security system that fits your budget, we’ve made a great list of 20 gift ideas for home security. Whether it’s for solo dwellers, single parents, big families, elderly households or new homeowners, you’re sure to find practical gift ideas to give and receive.

I. Easy-to-Install Home Security for Single Families

Living by yourself or being a single parent makes home safety all the more necessary. Home security devices are no longer as expensive as before because advanced technology has made them more convenient and inexpensive. Now, only a few taps on your smartphone help you oversee home security.

1. Wi-Fi Capable Camera Wi-Fi Capable CameraPhoto courtesy of cicwdn via Pixabay

The Honeywell IPCAM wireless camera is great for a security system because it can be accessed via your mobile device. This cuts the cost and energy for monitoring!

2. Basic Motion Sensor

Devices with basic motion sensors like the the Honeywell IS216 are perfect for compact living spaces. To cover your space efficiently, adjust motion sensitivity and mount it with different brackets to give the device the optimal viewing angle.

3. Glass Shock Sensor Glass Shock SensorPhoto courtesy of Unsplash via Pixabay

An intruder can be hindered from breaking a window once the glass shock sensor instantly activates. It’s because the sensor can detect glass vibrations even before the breakage and intrusion can take place. This makes the device extremely valuable especially for those who live by themselves.

II. Security Systems for Medium-sized Household

The best security presents for homeowners living with their families must be able to address the issue of big space, kid safety, and durability. And since family households are some of the busiest, it’s important that the devices not only offer high-level security but are also intuitive and user-friendly.

4. Smart Lock with Home Automation Smart Lock with Home AutomationPhoto courtesy of falco via Pixabay

With home automation devices like the Honeywell Vista systems, partnered with Honeywell VAM, you don’t need to go back to check if your house is securely locked as you rush to work or bring your kids to school. The system automatically secures your home for you. Home automation systems also allow you to manage your thermostat, lighting control and more, so that your home will meet your needs almost seamlessly. Digital keys and switches make home security hastle-free, don’t you think?

5. Wireless Driveway and Vehicle Sensor 

Do you and your partner have varying work schedules and come home at different times? The wireless driveway and vehicle sensor is a great gift idea because it senses whenever your partner pulls out of the driveway or parks in the garage.

6. Wireless Baby Monitor with Infrared Camera and 2-Way Audio Wireless Baby MonitorPhoto courtesy of Efraimstochter via Pixabay

Let’s be real, busy moms and dads can’t be everywhere at once. This device is great for parents who have to keep an eye on their baby in the nursery while getting other things done. With the infrared camera, you can also check on your baby without having to turn on the lights. This minimizes the risk of waking up your child. The two-way audio feature also makes this device great for families with slightly older children because they can use the receiver to keep in touch with their parents.

7. Weatherproof Day-Night Camera 

A weatherproof camera with zoom lens and long-range infrared capability is a perfect top-of-the-line surveillance device for households with a big outdoor area. The zoomable infrared lens shines like the sun at night, providing solid protection against burglars who try to hide in the darkness.

8. Pet-Immune Motion Sensor Pet-Immune Motion SensorPhoto courtesy of PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay

The Honeywell 5898 Wireless Motion Sensor is for households with big pets who weigh up to 100 pounds, eliminating worries about pets setting off your alarm!

9. DSC Digital Motion Detector

A passive infrared motion detector, the device features digital signal processing and temperature compensation. This makes the device excellent against false alarms, including those caused by pets that weigh up to 60 pounds.

10. Communicator with Image Sensor Support for DSC NEO

The cellular communicator from for DSC PowerSeries NEO security systems has home automation capabilities as well as interactive security and image monitoring. It gives the DSC NEO access to all of’s amazing features that are great for self-monitoring. It can also be used to communicate for central station monitoring for an added level of versatility.

III. Safe and Reliable Elderly Alarm Systems

Sensors and detectors are great for elderly households because apart from ensuring security against burglars, they also provide robust protection against home accidents like fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. What’s more, some of these devices also cover health emergencies so the authorities can be promptly alerted.

11. GE Carbon Monoxide Detector

What makes carbon monoxide dangerous is its colorless and odorless composition. Victims of carbon monoxide poisoning may not even be aware of the immediate danger they’re facing. Protect elderly households from this “silent killer” with a carbon monoxide detector.

12. GE Panic Button 

Emergency buttons are the suitable alarm systems for the elderly in cases of emergency situations related to crime, health, and the environment. The panic switch is durable and has LED lights to let the user know the device is doing its job. What’s more, authorities can be alerted with a simple switch of the device.

13. Clear Display Surveillance Camera Clear Display Surveillance CameraPhoto courtesy of HebiFot via Pixabay

The crystal clear vision of the display and the lens makes this device extremely useful and easy to use in elderly households. Such a feature provides a security solution to homeowners who needs reinforcement for their eyesight. While intended for indoors, the device can also be installed outdoors under an overhang or any similar cover.

14. Adjustable Light Sensor for Fire Emergencies Adjustable Light SensorPhoto courtesy of markito via Pixabay

A fire detection system with adjustable strobe lights is great for elderly households. The device’s adjustable lighting provides flexibility, unlike other sensors that are too dim or too bright.

IV. Modern Home Security for the New Homeowner

According to home design experts, even while homeowners vary in their color and design preferences, practical home trends are prioritized. Following this trend, a perfect gift idea for tech-savvy and stylish homeowners can be practical security gadgets that can blend well into their living spaces.

15. Indoor Detector Camera

Great for covert surveillance, this little gem has a subtle design that can trick intruders, some of whom damage obvious-looking security devices to avoid being caught. Intruders will never know what's coming with this easily-hidden device.

16. Indoor/Outdoor Pet-Resistant Pressure Mat Pet-Resistant Pressure MatPhoto courtesy of TeamK via Pixabay

A device that you can hide under the carpet is one of the best gift ideas for new homeowners who like low-key design. This device can be used to alert of any intrusion or to notify that someone is entering or exiting the house.

17. Temperature Switch Temperature Switch

Photo Courtesy of PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay

This security device is useful for those who live in much colder climates. With its accurate temperature monitoring, never again will you second guess in protecting the space from freezing up. If you’ll be away for work or vacation, set the device to alert you when the temperature in the house falls below 39°F (4°C).

18. Wireless Entry Alert Speaker

Make the intruders panic with this wireless entry alert speaker. The great thing about this small yet loud device is you can pair it with other units. So if you place them at different entry points, you can have them all activated no matter which entry point the intruder used.

Aside from interesting household gifts useful for decorations, gifts like the ones mentioned above can give a sense of security and peace to every homeowner. Avoid crowded shopping places and get a good deal online from Alarm System Store. With the practicality and year-round necessity of these devices, you’d feel assured that what you’re giving will be highly appreciated.

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