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The ebb and flow of the world is unequivocally exquisite and steadfast. You are too busy growing up and sometimes – often painfully obvious – you forget that your parents are growing old too. As your parents age, you become their parents, your roles are reversing. The culture of senior living has change with the dawn of technology and machinery. What needs to be done is not to fluster for elder nurseries but re-empower them to take control. Cut down the hyperbole of caregiving the elders. Keep them with the wave and introduce them with technology and different alarm systems that will leave you in peace while you are out of sight.

In a world where a snap has taken over tick of the clock, the idea of family has been scoffed and the idea of elderly has been attached to the word burden. People have long been questioning the ethical argument of putting elderly people to nursing homes or manage to let them stay at home. Drawn with its advantages, disadvantages and moral reasoning, perhaps it is just time to downsize and help them continually win their independence.

The Older Generation in Itself is Ageing

Pinched from the fascinating portrait of global aging, according to United Nations Populations Fund, the number of American people under age 65 has tripled during the 20th century. The aging report has also recorded that for the first time in human history, the number of people over 60 years old has surpassed the number of children below age 5. These numbers represented almost 15% of American population. In a global scale, it is also projected that the senior population will more than double between now and the year 2050, to the rough count of 80 million. Two points are noteworthy about this demographic drift. While most public focuses on public expenditures and economic fluxes of the demographic pressure, one must also note the personal and familial challenges of the elderly. Second point is the living arrangements of the elderly along the lines of technocracy.

Elder, The Innocent and The Misunderstood

Aging parents oftentimes have trouble functioning independently in their activities of daily living.If you are coping with the aging parents and relatives whilst at the same time looking after your own kids, holding down a 60-hour job a week and spending at least 4 hours to prepare food and manage households, you are truly a superwoman. Yet the wall has to be built to that will accommodate this vicious scum.

Many scholarly studies have tried to deal with the unprecedented demographic trend to eliminate the seemingly negative effects of elder caregiving.In an online study, it is pointed that predominantly, caregiving put rigors to both persona and economic life. More than 1 in 6 Americans are reportedly assisting the care of an elderly family member and said it has significantly affected their work life. Furthermore, according to the survey conducted by Gallup Healthways Wellbeing, 69% of the working caregivers report having to rearrange their work schedule, decrease working hours, turn down promotion or sometimes entirely give up the work to meet their caregiving responsibilities. That in turn has put 10 million caregivers lose an estimated total of %3 trillion in lost wages, pensions, retirement funds and benefits. You might be part of the statistic as this calculation is expected to rise steeply over the coming decades.

Conspicuously, in contrast, an increasing number of home caregivers are personally taking care and overlooking their ageing parents and relatives. This task is often vested as part of women’s job but strikingly, men are sharing in caregiving chores more than in the past. Among the senior population, 95% of them prefer to live at home. When shepherding the elders, you will come to the point when they will tell you – “I’d rather die at home than be in a nursery home. Promise me you won’t send me in there.” It feels like a knife just jammed you straight at the heart. At the same time, you are stuck with the feeling of standing in a cliff, worried about their safety. You may ask, how can you let the elders live independently without them in every thoughts of you?

Alarm System is Your Vantage Point

Not so long ago, you were one of those adorable babies pushed in strollers by those who now need to be pushed with wheelchairs. Today, according to the American Association of Retired Person, upon retirement, 9 out of 10 seniors prefer to grow in their own homes. Nearly lost in the life’s game plan, most seniors love to spend the rest of their golden years with their loved ones. This is the stage when they needed a restructuring of nature due to vulnerability of their life views. Existing collaborative studies have found out that there is a ballooning demand on assistive alarm devices and technology among old people due to physical and cognitive impairment.

There is a reported average rate of 2 to 14 devices in the homes of ageing people. The variations and frequency of use have also ranged to 82%. Seeing your aging parents pushed themselves into the shower, search for the bell cord or call loud as they ask for help will put you in grave wound. Thus, investments in quality care and safety of your loved ones are growing global needs. It is time to re-empower them and downsize to help them keep their independence whilst at the same time free your mind with qualms. There are a lot of useful assistive technologies that have been widely utilized and can improve older people’s safety and ability to cope at home. You can mount wireless emergency buttons in areas where accidents are most likely to occur like bathrooms and kitchens. This wireless buttons can also be doubled to answer incoming calls when telephone is not at reach.

If you prefer a more remote surveillance and a more personal assistance to your ageing loved ones, you can also try waterproof emergency pendant transmitter. This device can be worn anywhere around the house, even in tub and pool. When the button is pressed, it automatically initiates a call out for assistance. This makes it easier for you to monitor their need for succour.

Not only that people nowadays are living longer, but the outlook on aging is also changing. Growing old also means unavoidable illness and physical decline. Wireless emergency response system is one of the comprehensive solutions designed for medical needs and emergency situations. It has customizable voice reminders to jog their memory for meal times, appointments and medicine schedule. You can also input your phone number to monitor the elders in case of emergency.

With these technologies and machineries can be fitted to your ageing parents’ needs, issues of privacy and independency. In several research hypotheses, the use of these electronic methods facilitates senior empowerment, with subsequent effects on their ability to manage their treatment regimen more effectively while you, caregivers, go about your own work and activities. Care at home is often preferable to patients and is usually less expensive or care providers than institutional alternatives. Empower your ageing loved ones through technologies. It is never too late.

Together, let the alarm systems be your vantage points. It has become an axiom of life, ‘what lies in blood lives forever.’ The wrinkles in their skin are scratches they get from crisp parchment of budding you. Don’t let them spend their golden years away home. Make caregiving more manageable for you and your ageing loved ones too. Win a stress-free life with assistive alarm systems.

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