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Securing our homes and keeping our loved ones safe is one of life’s non-negotiables. We’re no longer just talking about closing the doors and shutting the windows anymore. We’re talking about a revolution in home security — alarms, sensors, cameras, and the like.

The GE Simon XT is one such revolution. It is a reliable and cost-effective wireless security that offers everything from burglary and fire protection to exciting features such as a built-in display touchpad that supports visual and voice messaging. GE Simon XT alarm systems kits can control up to 40 different zones or sensors. Apart from outdoor and indoor monitoring against intrusions, the system can also be used to warn the family of fire, smoke, flood, or carbon monoxide poisoning.

The alarm system kit comes with a large LCD display where the menu and fast-action keys may be easily accessed. The control panel makes for easy and intuitive configuration. And worry not about installation because that would also be a breeze.

The GE Simon Kit is available in starter and deluxe editions. Given its range of coverage, it is important to know which sensors you can enroll into the system in order to maximize and utilize it fully. Here are the compatible sensors to your Simon XT.

Optex BX80NR Outdoor PIR Perimeter Detector

Keep burglars at bay with the Optex BX80NR Outdoor PIR Perimeter Detector. It is a battery-operated perimeter motion sensor that blends with the surroundings. It does not require wiring directly to the alarm system thanks to the battery power during installation, and it can be hooked into the system's wireless transmitter with hardwire outputs.

This perimeter detector has a variable detection range of up to 24m or 12m on each side. It also has a size judging function to avoid false alarms, which means that if your neighbor’s dog walks by, the system is not going to alert you.

Interlogix TXE-201 Wireless Door Window Sensor

One of the best GE Simon XT wireless sensors to have is the Interlogix TXE-201 Wireless Door Window Sensor. This sensor is a perfect way to augment your door or window security, which are among the most common points of entry for burglars.

This sensor is compact and designed to provide intrusion detection and can easily be installed. Under normal usage, its replaceable lithium battery can last up to five years.

Interlogix TXE221 Recessed Door - Window Sensor

A variation of the Interlogix wireless door and window sensor is its recessed version. The Interlogix TXE221 Recessed Door - Window Sensor is a concealed sensor that is installed in the door jamb itself. This sensor is often called a “crystal transmitter” because the wave or the frequency is set with a quartz crystal.

In order to install the sensor, you have to drill a hole in the door jamb (3/4 inch wide and 3 inches deep) where the transmitter goes. Then, drill another hole in the door (¾ inch wide and ½ to 3/4 inch deep) for the magnet. After which, you have to enroll the transmitter into your alarm system programming, before installing the actual transmitter and then testing it.

Recessed sensors such as this is normally preferred as they can be easily concealed, lowering the risk of tampering.

GE 60-807-95R / NX481 Pet Immune Wireless Motion

For pet lovers, it is very easy to understand why this is necessary. Sometimes, the reliability and accuracy of alarm systems fail because of frequency of false alarms caused by our own pets. But since no pet lover can pin the blame on the furry members of the family, it is better to install the GE 60-807-95R / NX481 Pet Immune Wireless Motion, a sensor that detects movement within a specific area by sensing the infrared energy emitted from a body.

This motion sensor compatible with your GE Simon XT alarm system is best for locations wherein door and window sensors are not existent, such as large areas or open fields. It has a coverage area of 35 feet by 40 feet. With an advanced signal processing and custom designed lens, incidents of false alarms are reduced. Immunity for pets is up to 40 pounds.

GE 4-Button Micro Keyfob GEC-600-1064-95R

One of the things that make modern alarm systems revolutionary is their remote capabilities. These days, you can control your system wherever you are. The GE 4-Button Micro Keyfob GEC-600-1064-95R provides such convenience. It is a slim and micro keyfob that you can use to arm or disarm your alarm system without being near it. Through the keyfob, you can send a panic alert to your control panel, or do some other things such as turning the lights on and off and opening and closing garage doors.

Interlogix NX-475 Water-Resistant Pendant Panic Sensor

Yes, you need to secure your home and keep your family away from harm. But don’t forget about your personal protection. The good news is you can carry it around with you. The Interlogix NX-475 Water-Resistant Pendant Panic Sensor is a wireless panic pendant that you can wear like a necklace or clip on your belt. It is also waterproof so it can be worn in the shower, perfect for homes with elderly members.

This portable sensor can be set up in your system to send a police or emergency signal to your central monitoring station.

These are just some of the compatible sensors to your GE Simon XT alarm systems. While the alarm system kit is powerful in itself, there are still other ways to fully utilize it. Every accessory adds a layer of protection and defense. Just learn to evaluate which ones you really need.

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