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The GE Simon XT 2-Way Wireless Talking Touch Screen Keypad is a great addition to your Simon XT version 2 alarm panel. This touchscreen will make a beautiful secondary keypad so that you can place the panel away in a safe location. Most people don't understand that if an intruder breaks into your home and you have you Simon panel/keypad combo sitting right next to your front door they could rip it off of the wall and smash it to bits, therefore disabling your alarm system.  

GE Simon XT Version 2 With the 2-Way Wireless Talking Touch Screen Keypad; this becomes a worry of the past. You can put the main Simon panel in a centralized location away from the prying eyes of an intruder and use the touch screen as an entryway keypad so that you may disarm the system when you get inside the house.   This keypad features a bright graphical display that makes arming your system attractive and easy! It has one-button arming and disarming so that you may easily set the alarm. It also features a settings configuration menu which allows you to adjust the volume and appearance.

It also always the user to see the event log of the main panel and hear the system status. Other setting options include a calibration screen which allows you to set the touch screen up for use. All-in-all a nice addition to your Simon XT system that won't kill your wallet. This unit will cost you around the same price as a wired keypad.

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