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 Elk 150RT 30 Watt Outdoor Tamper Proof Siren The ELK 150RT is an excellent choice for anyone who wants an outdoor rated siren for the alarm system. It is a siren that is encased in a stainless steel cabinet. It features two reed switches that act as tamper switches. When someone tries to remove the siren so that they may stop the 118db scream of this little beauty it sets off a fault in the system it's wired to so that if the panel is programmed to call out to you or a central station; this will definitely let you or the central know that someone's up to no good.

It also has a combo trigger which allows the siren to have two different sounds for fire and burglary from a single alarm output. You can also purchase the ELK-45 Self-Contained Siren which is the self-contained siren that doesn't have the stainless enclosure. You can also add the ELK-SL1 12V Strobe Light to the enclosure. A very nice addition to any wired alarm system.

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