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DSC PC5601 LED Status Module The DSC PC5601 Status Module is a hardwired connection that allows you to see the status of your DSC Power Series alarm system from outdoors and away from the keypad. The status light is especially convenient when using key chain remotes or "key fobs" ..... those of you that use key fobs know what I mean, you get in your vehicle to pull away and grab your remote to arm your system but, there is always that "what if" feeling - did it arm?

This will drive you crazy but, with the status light, you just need to look and see what color the LED is.... Green = Ready to Arm Red = System is armed Amber = System has been in alarm It's nice to come home and see the LED is still red... this way you know that no one has violated your space while you were away and if it's amber or orange, you know it might not be safe to enter. Another nice plus to the DSC PC5601 Status Module is that not only can YOU see the LED... so can the crook, and if a bright red light is flashing outside of his next target, chances are he's gonna skip you and hit a different house.

For less than $25.00, the PC5601 is a must have for anyone enjoying the reliability of the DSC Power Series. You can check out more of DSC's great products at their website HERE

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