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Digital Wireless 2.4" LCD Baby Monitor with IR Camera and 2-Way Audio The Digital Wireless 2.4" LCD Baby Monitor with IR Camera and 2-Way Audio is a new product that we have added to our site that we are really proud to feature!! Not only is the safety of your home a priority, but the safety of your family is also at the top of the list as well. Keeping an eye on your toddler while you're in the kitchen fixing dinner used to be a chore with constant back and forth trips to the child's room to check in on them.

Then when the audible monitor came out; you could hear if your child needed you but you couldn't exactly see what was going on. Now with the Digital Wireless 2.4" LCD Baby Monitor you can hear when you child is needing you or in trouble and you can actually see what the problem might be before you even step foot in the room!

Not only is this great for keeping an eye out for anything that might be disturbing your child, but you can also keep an ear open as well with this units 2-way audio capability. Say that you put your toddler to bed and then retire to the living room. Right in the middle of your favorite late night program your child wakes and starts calling your name. You can let them know exactly where in the house you are so that they can come find you. A great buy for anyone and a great gift especially with the Christmas season coming around the corner!

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