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Finding a trusted supplier for home alarm systems is not an easy task. More than protecting your home or business, you are also on your way to safeguard the ones who matter most to you - your loved ones. Peace of mind in this time and age seems to be more difficult to keep, let alone, attain. Then again, when you partner with the best home security provider, overcoming the uncertainties from both man-made and natural threats are surely more manageable and even more tolerable.

Alarm System Store is one of the best security system providers. Based on our first time and regular buyers, we are known for: -Most Convenient Technical Assistance -Excellent Customer Support -Very Quick Local and International Shipping -Long-term Partnership with Clients -Best Prices, Best Deals -Overall Positive Experience with the Brand Since 1997, we have been bringing top-notch, reliable, and affordable surveillance systems to our pool of highly satisfied buyers. We have put together the best success stories that paved the way for us to get an A+ rating in as far as customer reviews are concerned.

Most Convenient Technical Assistance

One of our clients has never experienced purchasing a warning device of any form for the past 30 years. During his first time to shop in our store, he quickly realized that he is at the middle of nowhere. Later, he encountered the usual problems that are experienced by first-time installers. In as little as 30 seconds, our staff was able to provide the solution to him. As for a retired engineer who has gone through a lot of suppliers in order to make his investment, Alarm System Store gave him quick response, and a rich amount of product information. He even named our staff as his bona fide lifesavers.

A Master Electrician with a 35-year experience under his belt worked with our staff all weekend due to issues regarding wirings he originally put together by himself. One user found our staff’s “cheat sheet” to be more useful than the manual that came with their purchase. Another self-proclaimed inexperienced buyer on the other hand was pleasantly surprised with the time spent by our staff when it comes to answering our customer queries that led to a fast and easy installation. Even the littlest questions are taken seriously by our staff, thus buyers feel comfortable as they go about their installations. On top of this, our staff are said to be able to drill down the exact problems of the users in a manner that is easy to understand and to manage.

Impressive Customer Service

For Dale Crissey, a parent of a 13-year old child with special needs, there is no longer an ounce of worry as to whether the child has managed to sneak outside, unattended, again. With just one call, a replacement for a particular security component came in instantly. DIY advocates love the fact that we immediately return calls, avoid putting people on hold for long, and even go as far as doing additional research for items that have been purchased in and out of Alarm System Store. More than customer service, we are known for our dedication to being a “true support system” as we stay with each of our clients all throughout their installation episodes. We also make it a point to get the best deals for our clients. In one episode, a homeowner paid only $9 in monitoring - a far, far cry from the former fee amounting to $33.

Very Quick Local And International Shipping

We don’t just give you an easier time in ordering, we even try our best to ship your items within the day. This way, you receive it in a few hours, or so. They even shipped two packages to a single person and the delivery arrived ahead of time, twice in a row. Fast delivery does not only mean shorter waiting time. It also means that we always keep the accuracy of orders and the value for money in place. Even our international shipping are successful and a number of them are ahead of promised delivery time, as well.

Long-term Partnership With Clients

After dealing with no less than 7 warning device suppliers, one of our buyers found himself in a situation where he knows a lot more than what the market offers. Because of this, he was drawn to Alarm System store for the reason that he was able to get a high-end unit for a good price to beat. The buyer looks forward to more years with the brand. On the other hand, one buyer got all of his 3 alarms from our store. His loyalty was rewarded with the most competitive price and free shipping since his items are over $100 for all purchases. We are delighted that our happy customers do not stop at being happy. In fact, some of them buy or recommend our product and services to family and friends. One really happy buyer shared that she will buy the same units for her sister, mother, and his very own office space. These partnerships do not happen overnight since security systems are considered to be long-term investments.

A certain company servicing a good number of accounts has been given monitoring of fire, medical, burglar, and environmental signals at no additional cost. And we did not stop there yet, as we also expedited the processing of the client’s order in time for an activation on Monday. This meant having to finalize everything on a Friday evening, which we don’t mind at all. This company also remarked they got everything they need at half the cost along with a very comprehensive monitoring of both fire and burglary.

Best Prices, Best Deals

We have countless of testimonials about the lowest price that we offer that is beefed up with helping buyers find the best that they can get; from selecting to maintaining their system in the best shape. One shopper said, “I only paid around $260 for my equipment for my 1 bedroom apartment and $9/month basically to have it monitored. So cheap and easy. Everywhere else I shopped around charge at least $15-20 a month AND around $475 for the same equipment!”

Worry-free Return Policy

One of our first-time buyers had to return an item he bought for a gift. As soon as we got this message, we did not ask anymore question, and shipped a new part to him the next day. When it comes to dealing with items to be returned, our mentality is simple: “If it does not work, we take it, and make it work.” Note: This return policy, however does not cover the following items: wire, batteries, food items, pepper sprays, and special order items.

For 17 years, Alarm System Store has been in business of delivering solutions for homes and businesses that aim to make smarter, better, and simpler security measures. For those who want to take a look at all our customer feedback over the years, head over to Reseller Ratings. It is our commitment to bring no less than what our buyers need and want. Our whole team is more than willing to be of assistance to you in any way we can. Chat with us, send us an email, or call our toll free number, today.

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