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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reports that in 2012, burglaries of residential properties amounted to 74.5% of the total burglary offenses in America. It was further reported that victims of burglaries incurred property losses estimating to $4.7 billion and the average dollar loss per burglary case amounted to $2,230. If these statistics doesn’t shock you, studies found out that there’s one burglary incident every 15 seconds and an estimated 2,103,787 reported burglary cases in 2012.

But on a more positive note, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNC Charlotte) researcher Joseph Kuhns from the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology revealed in his study that approximately 83 percent of burglars would determine first if an alarm was present at home before breaking in, and 60 percent would find an alternative target if there was an existing home alarm present. If alarm systems can make burglars run away from your property, it’s time to make sure that these systems are placed properly and running in top condition.

If not, then you might want to do a home security upgrade and get the best devices for your home. You don’t need to be afraid and be paranoid just to make the essential upgrades to your existing home security system. Depending on your personal preferences for home security, this might be the perfect time to take it to the next level through these 10 easy, simple and basic home upgrades for an improved and better security:

1. Have a Tech Upgrade for Your Doors

Doors are the most obvious targets of burglars. The UNC Charlotte research reports that in order to gain entry, approximately 1 in 8 burglars picked locks or used a key that they had previously acquired. To further protect your home, consider prepping up your door as one of your first security improvements. Be sure that it’s not just with a simple lock, but with a hi-tech one. Alongside a heavy duty door and a good framework, a contemporary smartcode deadbolt lock will ensure that your door is completely safe from intruders and possible break-ins.

Nowadays, locks are well equipped and are in sync with the recent technological advancements. With a single click on the internet, features such as the ability to lock and unlock your door, check the door’s status remotely, and receive text and email notifications when locks are activated are prized features that can help you feel secured with your property’s main entry point. To better combat burglars, make sure that your lock provides additional security from lock bumping, which burglars often use to destroy conventional locks.

2. Up the Ante of Your Home Surveillance Coverage

Have multiple eyes watching every corner of your house, thanks to this surveillance camera system kit.

Having a surveillance camera installed in your home is a good step for your security coverage. But having just one will not do the trick of complete home coverage, since burglars might just be behind the camera, sneaking through your back window while your single camera is fixed on the main door. Equip yourself with a surveillance camera system kit that will allow you to remotely view your homes, even through your smart phones. Check whether the cameras you’ve installed has a timer, motion detection, alarm and watermark recording mode which can help in better identification of burglars should they enter your home premises. A helpful tip in installing security cameras is to put them in the front and back door, and first floor windows since these are the major entry points that a burglar will most likely target.

3. Be Alerted from Break-Ins with a Wireless Shock Sensor

Burglars also target open windows, especially those in the first floor, as their easy access to homes. Alongside doors, windows should be properly secured and monitored from break-ins and unauthorized opening and closing movement.

wireless shock sensor

Monitor unauthorized window and door entry through this wireless shock sensor.

For a double protection of your home, you can choose to install a wireless shock sensor that detects opening and closings, as well as the impact of a breaking glass or forced door entries. You can also avoid false alarms from this device because of its adjustable sensitivity. Don’t worry about installation, since installing this one is easy with the supplied magnet and it can mount to any surface that you might have in your home.

4. Go Wireless with Sirens

An estimated 74% of uncompleted attacks can be attributed to a reliable audible alarm. It is best to have a siren that can not only alert you of burglars and even fires, especially when there’s an unexpected burglary, but also stop intruders from further attacking your homes. Using sirens is the most effective way to inform a burglar that he has been detected upon entry and to drive him away from your property and loved ones.

wireless siren

Drive burglars away with a reliable, wireless siren that is sure to hinder possible attacks.

If you have a wired siren, you can choose to upgrade with a good wireless siren which also saves you time from installation, since it can be installed in seconds at any location, without using wires. This will also help you avoid incidents of wires being cut by burglars.

5. Warn Intruders That They Are Being Watched

For intruders to skip your house in their next plan of attack, be sure to install visible decal stickers.

90% of convicted burglars said that they will avoid homes with alarm systems; and if they did find an alarm, they will not attack the said house. In order to help them be aware that your house is safely secured with a security system, put up a decal as part of your simple home security upgrade so that they will skip your house the next time they plan their next burglary attempt. If you don’t have one, you can start by placing it in your front door for burglars to clearly see it. Placing a decal is very easy and is considered one of the cheapest ways to prevent burglary.

6. Divert Burglars Away from Your Valuables

Make use of diversion safes to secure your belongings, the incognito way.

Want to have an alternative storage space for your valuables aside from the conventional safe that is the prime target of intruders? You can make use of diversion safes, since they appear to be normal objects lying around the house. The Chicago Crime Commission reports that a burglar spends about eight minutes for the burglar incident, and the culprit has very limited time to do a thorough search for your valuables. By using these diversion safes, such as an AJAX can safe, you are sure to protect your valuables such as your cash or jewelry from being stolen since the burglar has no time to search the whole house, unless he wants to be caught instantly.

7. Decreased False Alarms, Increased Security

outdoor motion detector

Added outdoor security are best achieved through this wireless outdoor motion detector.

Further improve your home security by installing a wireless outdoor motion detector, aside from your current indoor motion detector. This is your solution for your outdoor sensing needs in difficult to wire locations. If you have trouble encountering false alarms, this device will help you avoid those as it is immune to bright lights and other light sources, and it has the capacity to discriminate large and small animals that usually cause false alarms. Through its versatile mounting capability, you can attach the detector to a fence or wall post through its enclosed hardware. A suitable addition to your home security system to further ensure that your outdoors are protected from burglars.

8. Boost Your Driveway’s Security

Be alerted from possible intruders from attacking your driveways.

Driveways are also one of the targets of burglars, since they know that it usually has no installed security item which makes it easy for them to enter a house. To prevent burglars from considering your driveway as their next target, don’t forget to add in your home security upgrade checklist a driveway patrol alarm, to alert you when an intruder is about to come up your driveway. This can be easily installed to avoid your empty driveway giving a go signal for intruders to attack; since studies show that burglaries happen mostly between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m, the time when you’re usually away from home.

9. Better Coverage with Superior Lighting

Match your camera’s field of view with an illuminator lamp to clearly see if there’s an intruder hiding in the dark.

Have you ever looked at your video feed from your surveillance camera and wanted less dark spots, especially at night? You can extend your vision through the dark areas with the use of an illuminator lamp. This is a great add-on for your surveillance cameras since it can provide better coverage through conditions with limited lighting, and this can be used indoors and outdoors. No need to worry for lurking intruders trying to avoid your cameras by staying in the dark corners of your house.

10. Have an Added Power Supply for Enhanced Security

One of the newest addition to the product lines of Alarm System Store that gives your security system additional power supply for added security.

A valuable upgrade for your basic home security is an added supply of power voltage. This helps you make sure that your security system won’t falter because of power shortage should an intruder accidentally breaks into your house. No need to worry searching for the parts separately, since Alarm System Store have already put it in one package for your convenience, and to provide your security items and detectors that added power supply needed for it to function well. Choose the items that will best fit your power supply needs for your home setup.

Basic Upgrades to Amp Your Home Security

Doing an upgrade for your home security is essential not just to keep up with the latest developments in security systems, but also to ensure that your best investments—your family and home—are safe and secure. Now is the perfect time to do it, to avoid possible incidents and mishaps from happening, especially due to faulty security items. Following these basic upgrades can help you feel assured that every essential home security item is in place. If you are unsure of doing an upgrade to your existing home security, Alarm System Store is your trusted partner to make sure that you meet your security goals through your next upgrade

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