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It's finally here! A lot of folks have found great satisfaction using IPDatatel's Broadband Alarm Transmitter for the Honeywell Vista, DSC Power, & GE Caddx series of alarm panels, but a group of Alexor users wanted to have the functionality of using a broadband transmitter as well. Well now folks who have the DSC Alexor line of panels can have the option of remotely monitoring their panels with the new release from IPDatatel, the IP BAT for Alexor.

The IP BAT for DSC Alexor panels gives Alexor users the ability to have a total self-monitoring solution. It can also be used for transmitting signals to a central station monitoring service. This module will allow Alexor users the ability to check their systems remotely via a web portal or through either an IPhone or Android app. You get the convenience of setting up your own contact list. You can have this contact list contacted by automated phone call, email, or text message with the exact alarm condition. It also gives the user the ability to remotely check their event log. 

This way, you don't even have to be on site to know who's been in or out or what alarm's gone off. This module, unlike the IP BAT for wired systems, however, does not offer the virtual keypad in the web portal. So you can not remotely arm or disarm your system or do any remote programming. IPDatatel has made statements that they are going to try to give this functionality to future revisions. They charge a $5.95/month server fee for the usage, but it is well worth it to have your own little central station. A great add-on for a great system!

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