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The alarm suddenly blares out of nowhere at such an ungodly hour. You jolt awake, half alive yet still half asleep as the blaring sound enters through your system and rattles every part of you in the most unpleasant way. In desperation, you reach out and frantically hit the snooze button until the blasted thing goes silent at last and you can finally go back to peaceful slumber. But it’s only a few minutes later that the alarm suddenly goes off again. “If only it’s a sound as pleasant as mother’s voice when she’s in a good mood,” You think to yourself as you ignore the alarm, wanting so much to sink back into your pillows.

But it keeps on ringing and you know that if it’s a pleasant sound, you might not be able to wake up anyway. With a grumble, you finally stand but you still curse every kind of alarm known to man, because you’re too sleepy to appreciate that the benefits of alarms outweigh their annoying ringing sound.

But they’re more than “that blasted alarm”, so much more. Your alarm clock’s purpose is to wake you up early enough so that you can have a full breakfast, take a good bath and prepare yourself for the Manic Monday and even for the rest of the week. Your alarm is also there for you--so that your kids won’t be late for school and you for work; so that you can have that perfect work attendance record that may lead you to a promotion or get you on your boss’ good side; and so that you can perfectly bring home the bacon.

That ringing sound is to alert you to something that needs to be done and needs attention, much like fire alarms and burglar alarms. How else could we catch the John Dillinger, Al Capone, Bonnie & Clyde or Willie Suttons of this era? You’ll appreciate it more if you knew that authorities back then had difficulties catching these notorious bank robbers. They were caught only because of slip ups such as tax evasion or weren’t even caught at all. Your days and nights are better with these alarms, cctvs, and any other security technologies that weren’t available years ago.

It’s a Mad, Mad World

Imagine you’re sitting in your living room, watching TV with your children when an unnamed man bursts in through your door and beats you senselessly and worse, in front of your kids. You might think that it’s a very random kind of violence. But it has happened before in real life. It paints a very disturbing picture of society today, something you might not want to admit out loud. But the fact is that there are mad people who will stop at nothing to get what they want. But little details can already go a long way, as in this case, the footage from the nanny cam helped make an arrest. After this violent attack, the homeowners opted to get alarm monitoring services for their home, for the sake of their children more than themselves.

But there’s Also That Funny Mad and Just Plain Mad

Alarms aren’t so alarming, at least in a negative sense. Life can make you busy and fill your schedules up but alarms can get you back on your feet. But it’s not just for those having troubles waking up at an early hour. It’s also for those who are in need of a laugh. You can imagine how difficult it takes for some to get up in the morning—you, your family, your children or your friends. Sometimes it takes more than just an alarm, a blast of water on the face or a brick on the head to wake them up, and you find it hilarious every time you remember those times. Sometimes a good panic can also result in a good laugh. Like this squirrel who pulled the fire alarm at a school in Florida.

It had caused the school to line up outside as the alarm was so effective that it notified them of the adorable little intruder’s presence. Luckily, a surveillance video caught the culprit in the act and the awesome squirrel became a legend. But then again if you look at it more closely, wouldn’t you rather be alarmed when it’s for your own good? Like what happened recently, when guests at a hotel in Los Angeles didn’t mind that their water was black and continued drinking and bathing with it. It wasn’t long after that the reason for the odorous black water was because of a decomposing body. Chances are, of course, you won’t be experiencing something like that anytime soon but it’s these kinds of stories that highlight the fact that if something is amiss, there’s something really wrong going on.

But what’s really going on?

Thanks to different kinds of surveillance equipment, you can get the behind-the-scenes look of what’s really going on behind closed doors. Sometimes, they aren’t that pleasant.

But while they aren’t pleasant, it exposes the truth and protects those that need protecting. It can unmask those hiding behind facades of kindness but who are wicked inside. Take this bullying incident, for example. Bullying is one of the most horrible school experiences any one can have. Unfortunately, some of those teachers, who took an oath to educate and foster children’s development for the better, end up being the bully themselves. This shouldn’t be condoned, even when some of the school’s higher staff turn a blind eye. No criminal should hide and excuse their way out of their wrongdoing, especially when presented with a video evidence like this.

It’s not just the crooks that get captured, but also those who didn’t do anything when there was something going on right in front of them. It’s not a crime, but it’s just as bad. It shows another side of humans, the side that looks away and keeps on ignoring the things that happen around them. It’s a side that denies the obvious problem, because it’s easier for them like that.

But all this shows that we need to open our eyes, start paying more attention and to at least do something. Then again, it’s not always the bad and distasteful side of this mad world that is captured. Maybe because you’re surrounded by the idea of too much negativity, of too much bad news on TV, or of too much worry that you may think alarms, security systems or surveillance cameras are just there when bad things happen. You may tend to forget that they can also bring about something good, whether it’s lesser worries, reminder of better memories or the knowledge that mad as this world is, it’s also as pleasant, peaceful and safe as it can be. And so you go back to bed again after a hard day’s work and after tucking your kids to bed.

You close your eyes calmly, knowing there’s nothing to keep you from having that good night’s rest. The only other thing to worry about is having to wake up to that alarm the next morning. Or perhaps call someone with an alarm-know how to give you a rundown about better alarms or systems for a good sleep and even better mornings despite it being either a Troublesome Tuesday, Weird Wednesday, Traumatic Thursday, or even a Frantic Friday.

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